DGK Cement exports cement to USA first time

KARACHI: Nishat Group is one of the largest and most diversified business groups in South East Asia. The Management of Nishat Group under the dynamic leadership of Mian Muhammad Mansha continues the spirit of entrepreneurship and has led the group successfully to make it the premier business group of the region, says a Press release.
The group has now become a multidimensional corporation and is playing an important role in the industrial and economic development of the country. Firmly believing in “growth through professional management” Nishat Group’s corporate culture is based on decentralization, delegation of authority, encouraging the acceptance of responsibility, and inculcating quality-consciousness.
Nishat takes is corporate social responsibility very seriously and continues to strive to be a better group today than what they were yesterday, for their customers, shareholders, investors, the environment, community and for their employees.
DG Khan Cement Company Limited (DGKCC) is amongst largest cement manufacturers of Pakistan with a production capacity of 25,000 tons cement per day (7.500 million tons/annum). DGKCC has three cement plants located at Dera Ghazi Khan, Kalar Kahar and Hub. Plants and equipment are supplied by renowned European suppliers and are based on the latest Dry Process Technology. DGKCC is the first to use innovative technologies in the cement industry.
DGKCC latest state of the art plant located at Hub is first of its kind to have largest production line with six stage pre-heater tower, largest vertical grinding mill based on COPE drive system, multiple chamber cement storage silos to store different products at the same time. It is from this plant that we are exporting a ship load of low alkali cement to the USA.
DGKCC aim of being at the forefront in creating foundations for a prosperous tomorrow is backed by the Company’s philosophy of providing outstanding value to its customers, safe and stimulating work environment for its employees, superior returns for its shareholders and special focus on social responsibility and environmental protection. Our focus is on maintaining ECO-Friendly environment by making significant contribution to reduce carbon foot prints by using renewable energy, waste heat recovery and alternate fuels.
Our Marketing motto and slogan has always been “The only thing stronger than our cement is our commitment.”
Today we are gathered here to celebrate and announce that we have secured an order from a Group in USA to supply 50,000 tons of cement every month for the next twelve months totaling 600,000 tons. This figure could double if all goes well This is for the first time in the history of Pakistan cement is being exported to the sophisticated USA market and presently, as we speak, a ship Tomini Felicity is loading at Karachi port and will carry 50,000 tons to the port of Houston, Texas, USA. Getting to this stage has been no piece of cake.
It was in August 2021 when we were visiting USA that we secured this order. After that the customers representatives visited our plant and asked us to supply special cement called low alkali cement which we produced for them and after they were fully satisfied they confirmed our order subject to statutory approvals. They also doubted the ability of Karachi port to load such kind of quantities.
It was here that KPT came in the picture and all thanks to the Chairman of KPT who helped us tremendously in assuring our customer that KPT port is as good, if not better, than any other port in this region. So much so that the Chairman provided us a boat in which we took our customer around the port to give him a visual tour and satisfy him. They were overjoyed to see the facilities.
After that it was a testing time for us and it took us 6 months to get the technical certifications for supply of cement to the markets in USA from TXDOT, NCDOT, SCDOT and LODOT. Finally we got all the approvals and have now opened the flood gates for all of us to enter the USA market.
It would be pertinent to note here that USA is a huge market and due to strict environmental laws it is very difficult to put up a cement factory and their requirements of cement are met by imports from Mexico, Canada, Vietnam and Turkey. When the customer sent us an L/C we were told to ask for a confirmed L/C to which the customer in typical Texan style said. “Forget it man. I will send you cash in form of a TT”.
It is for the first time ever that a Pakistani Cement Manufacturer, DG Khan Cement Company has entered the USA market as the demand for construction materials in USA has increased manifolds with buyers looking for new sources of supply following President Biden’s US $ 6 trillion Infrastructure package.
Under this package all mega infrastructure projects including freeways, bridges and roads will be rebuilt or given facelifts as some of these were constructed almost a century ago. Thank you for giving us your valuable time and joining us today to celebrate this big achievement.