Dubai-based Pakistani singer Sonia Majeed’s Natiya Kalam

Special Correspondent

DUBAI (UAE): In the month of Ramazan, the well-known Dubai based Pakistani singer Sonia Majeed won the hearts of people by reciting “Bhar do Jholi” and other Natiya Kalams in a very beautiful manner.
Singer Sonia Majeed, Samran Warsi and Toqeer have presented the poetry of poetess Imrana Afraz in the best way. Nathiya Kalam has been shot in the desert which makes the video look very attractive. This Naatiya Kalam has been recorded in Raznak Studio Dubai.
This presentation by Sonia Majeed has been composed by Samran Warsi with great effort and beauty.This Naatiya Kalam is available on all online play stores including Apple and Amazon While various TV channels are keen to telecast “Bhar Do Jholi” on their channel. Singer Sonia’s Natia Kalam “Bhar Do Jholi” is also getting a lot of appreciation on social media.
Sonia Majeed is a musician playback singer and a good actress who is also working for feminism along with highlighting Pakistani culture through her art.
Sonia Majeed, who has international fame, says that she wishes to convey the message of peace to the whole world through her art.