Edhi of Kashmir, Amir Rasheed Wani

Among all the creations in this universe, man is the greatest of all by the Almighty Allah. Or we can say that man is the climax of all the creations by Almighty Allah. As Almighty Allah in the Holy Quran says that a human being is the best and the most perfect creature. The Holy Prophet (SAAW) said, that man is better than angles. Again in the Holy Quran, “And surely we have honored the children of Adam, and carried them on the land and at the sea, and provide them with good things, and we have made them to excel by an appropriate excellence over many of those we created”. (17:70) Allah has honored man with the highest position and has bestowed upon him the highest respect. A human being can rise to the rank of supremacy if he makes use of his God-given abilities.
Man should use his knowledge to enlighten his own being and then to enlighten his surroundings.He should have the always stood for righteous and fight the oppression and slavery whatever means available to him. He should have provided whatever possible help to the needy and downtrodden segments of the society. Every one of us will at some point in our lives experience some type of hardship or pain that hurts us and sometimes devastate. It is therefore important to explore the importance of helping others as it was stressed and a great importance was given to it the divine religion of Islam. One of the greatest human being to walk the earth and was the best example among the whole of human kind in compassion and kindness is the Holy Prophet of Islam Muhammad (SAAW). As the Holy Prophet (SAAW) said: that “charity does not in any way decrease the wealth and the servant who forgives, Allah adds to his respect, and the one who shows humility, Allah elevates him in the estimation of the people” (Muslim).
History is full of such great men who always stood for righteous and dedicated their lives for the betterment of societies and fellow human beings. Their names were written with the golden words remembered and honored by every segment of society. Their contributions bear fruits and help humanity to survive in the most difficult times. One such name is Abdul Sattar Edhi of Pakistan. He has greatly contributed towards the welfare of the state irrespective of caste, creed, color, region and religion. He started his social services when he was just 21 years of age. He served humanity by offering services in education of poor children, dignified burials of the dead bodies, adopting and care of children who were left by their parents by different reasons, providing ambulance services and helping people with monetary help when they were in dire need of money either of disease or due to any natural calamity.
In Kashmir we have many organizations which are doing tremendous job towards serving the humanity. One such is MoujKasheer Welfare Trust, run by Amir Rasheed. He is a young boy ahead of his times. He started his social services when he was in class 11th just 17 then. Amir Rasheed started by serving and helping humanity when he found anyone in need, he posted it on his social media accounts and people start contributing which helps to a great extent in order to lessen the miseries of the needy. After passing 12th class examination, Amir went outside state for pursuing polytechnic diploma in engineering in a private college in Chandigarh. He continues to help people irrespective of caste, color, region and religion besides continuing his education in engineering. He took part in different initiatives taken by different organizations regarding drug addiction and child abuse.
Last year when the government of India scrapped Article 370 and put the whole of the valley under strict curfew and cut down all communication lines for months together. Those who were out of the state that time especially students found themselves in great distress and depression, first about the wellbeing of their parents, relatives, friends, and near and dear ones as government has chocked all the communication lines. These students run out of money and it was very hard to survive in such a chaotic situation. They didn’t have a single penny that time in their pockets and they found themselves in great distress. Many NGOs came forward to help these students and one among them was Amir Rasheed a young boy in his teens, he collected money and help the students who were out of money. For many he provides them air tickets for (Kashmir).

MoujKasheer Welfare Trust run by Amir Rasheed has contributed a lot towards the weaker sections, poor and deprived communities of Kashmir. It is a non-governmental, non-political and non-profit organization. Amir Rasheed Wani hails from Goigam Magam Baramullah. From the last one-year Amir has spend more than twenty-five lakh to the needy and those who suffer serious ailments especially cancer, tumor etc. Till date Amir Rasheed has also helped and provided financial support to the poor families to get their daughters married. Within a short span of one-year time, Amir has reached out to more than 1000 families and needy to provide helping hand.
When Amir starts social service, he got full support from his family especially his father. What makes Amir Rasheed Wani great is that he doesn’t take a single penny for his own use what he receives as donations and charity from the people. He done a tremendous job during COVID-19 pandemic and helped district administration Srinagar. He provides them manpower and reached to those whose livelihood got hit by lockdown in the initial phase of this pandemic. He went door to door to provide food and other essentials to the needy and weaker sections of the society that time and is still working and trying to reach every needy person.
He is always ready to sacrifice whatever he has, whatever way possible and whatever means available to him. He is one of the youngest social service activists of our Kashmir. He has great ambitions as he and his organization (MoujKasheer Welfare Trust) wants to serve the society in every field, be it education of the poor and orphans, providing medical services free of cost to weaker sections of the society, provide shelter and construct houses for those who doesn’t have their own roof on their heads or those who are poor and doesn’t have means to build or renovate their houses.
The plan in pipeline, Amir wants his organization be the largest Ambulance service provider in Kashmir. On this project the work has already been started by him and his voluntary team. The organization run by this young champ Amir Rasheed Wani is in infancy and is tirelessly working for the welfare and betterment of the weaker sections of the society which makes him the Edhi of Kashmir.

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