Encyclopedia Iqbalica Muffakkire Pakistan Dr. M. Allama Iqbal

Iqbal tries to present his economical ideas according to the language of twentieth century. In the preface, Iqbal says, ‘I am not the expert of language. I have explained the principles of economics according to my knowledge of ideas and opinions and the possibilities present in front of me’ (Ilm-Ul-Iqtisad, P.6). Allama Iqbal has followed the writing system of English language books in Urdu skill writing, which was prevalent in the beginning of 20th century.
The lector of the book will catch up the fact that its economical terminologies had been coined and established my Iqbal himself. Some of the terms of Ilm Ul Iqtisad have been copied from the Arabic newspapers of Egypt including Al-Muqattam Al Usbui, Al-Ahram (est 1873 AD), Al-Saltanah (est 1857 AD), Al-Tabei (est 1903 AD), and Al-Muqattam (est 1889AD). The language was understood as the qualitative and established language for the lexicographical and terminological issues.
Iqbal has given a new lexicon and dictionary meaning to the Urdu terms. He has explained and interpreted them further in a deeper sense. At the few places, Iqbal has used English phrasals. In his Urdu text, he has used proper noun into proper adjective(quality), like wealth has been used in the terms of capitalist, hardwork has been used in terms of labourer or worker.
In Urdu language particularly, it seems not good but Iqbal has resumed its terminology in a new sense. But we enjoy the grammatical aspects of adjectives, verbs and phrasals used by Allama Iqbal. The meaning of Persian phrasals could be found extensively. Dr. HosniyehNovin, Dr. Kamran Pashayi Fakhri and Dr. ParvanehAdelzadeh of Islamic Azad University, Tabriz Iran propose in their research papers on Iqbal-i-Lahori:
His material needs are provided by economic activity and sometimes material needs overshadow his spiritual needs. Economic importance in humanlife is represented by different categories in Islamic texts as heritage, poverty and wealth and etc.The poets andwriters in Persian literature have also addressed to the economic categories and these categories with respect to thesubject can be divided into two classes: the first category relates to the economic and material interests and thesecond category involves lack of interest in material benefit and economy.
Very long and detailed odes are oftenfound with various themes that have been written to receive rewards of kings and officials. However, today, they areconsidered as the literary masterpieces, but in fact they are rooted in economic problems. IqbalLahori,Thecontemporary poet, philosopher and politician has used the topic related to economy and economic categoriesincluding poverty, richness, the poor and etc.
However, he is a religious poet and philosopher mystic that hasconsidered mystical, spiritual and religious issues more thanworldliness, wealth and worldly possessions and insome of his poems refer to economic categories with religious aspects.
The aim of this paper is to explain theeconomic outlook of this famous poet.Although much said and written about him, but still many features and aspects of his life are unknown.
HosniyehNovin, Dr. Kamran Pashayi Fakhri., Dr.ParvanehAdelzadeh, “The Concept of Poverty (Faqr) in Iqbal Lahori Divan”, “Journal of Applied Environmental and Biological Sciences”, ISSN: 2090-4274, Page Number: 167. Department of Persian Literature, College of Persian Literature and Foreign Languages, Tabriz Branch, Islamic Azad University, Tabriz, Iran.

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