Efforts are under way for Islamabad uplift: Awan


ISLAMABAD: Special Assistant to the PM on CDA Affairs Ali Nawaz Awan has said that the government is making efforts for the development of Islamabad.
Addressing a news conference on Monday, the SAPM on Capital Development (CDA) Affairs said that Rs50 million have been spent for re-carpeting of the roads of the capital.
Awan said that work on 7th Avenue underpass and flyover will be completed in 12 months, while work on IJP Road will take 18 months time. He said that work on 7th Avenue underpass has been started and will be completed in a period of one year. He said that the construction of this flyover and underpass will improve the flow of traffic in Islamabad. It will be a landmark project, he added.
He said that work on IJP Road will start soon. The ten kilometres long road will be completed at the cost of Rs5 billion. He said that these two projects are a gift from Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) to the citizens of Islamabad.
He said that Islamabad is changing and the federal capital has been recognised. Awan said that there were no complaints of water in the city even at the peak of summer. – TLTP