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EMRA UAE hosts dinner for Pakistani community leaders, embracing the vision of peace and unity

Farzana Mansoor

DUBAI (UAE): EMRA UAE hosted a dinner at a local hotel in Al Karama, Dubai, UAE, in honor of prominent figures from the Pakistani community. During this event, the newly elected officials of EMRA UAE were officially introduced and welcomed into the EMRA team.
EMRA UAE leaders and speakers emphasized their commitment to addressing the issues facing Overseas Pakistanis and finding solutions. They also expressed their determination to project a positive image of overseas Pakistanis to the world, counter negative propaganda, and foster goodwill between the UAE and Pakistan. The organization intends to play a significant role in promoting peace, tolerance, and love.
The event was attended by notable individuals such as President Pakistan Social Center Sharjah Khalid Hussain Chaudhry, distinguished jurist Makhdoom Raees Qureshi, President PP Gulf Mian Munir Hans, Engineer Javed, Abdul Majeed Mughal, Chaudhry Zaheer Gujjar, Jawad Abbasi, Shaukat Mahmood Butt, Mazhar Chaudhry, Abubakar from PAD, Raja Jameel Bangyal, Mirza Zafar Mahmood, Chaudhry Iftikhar, Omar Baloch, Majda Khanum, Rizwan Jambo, and numerous other esteemed guests.
They collectively lauded the launch of EMRA UAE as a refreshing development for both journalists and members of the community.

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