Muhammad Iqbal’s book of Ilm-ul-Iqtisad
Published by the Professor of Philosophy of
Government College Lahore in 1904 AD.
He was known as Muhammad Iqbal or
Eghbal-i-Lahuri (by Iranians).
He was the regular attendant of the Poetic sessions (Mushairas) of AnjumanHimayat-ul-Islam(Society for the Support of Islam) Lahore, BritishIndia. He participated in local poetic gatherings,in and around the walled city of Lahore.
He as the poet, Muhammad Iqbal of Lahore
became famous in 1895 AD, due to his few verses
of poetry including this verse:
Moti Samuj Kar ShaaneKareemi ne chunliye,
Qatre jo the mere arqeinfi’aalke.
In 1899 AD, Abdul Qadir, a famous man of letters and Iqbal lover started publishing his Urdu journal entitled, ‘Makhzin’. For its first issueof his journal, he requested Iqbal to write a poem. Allama wrote his poem, ‘Himalaya’ and this journal became so famous that its hundreds of copies were sold in its primary publication.
Allama Iqbal was so loved by the people that for a single poem they used to purchase costly journals.
In the same year or before perhaps, a Kashmiri Historian Munshi Mohammad Din Fauq started publishing his newspaper, ‘PunjayeFawlaad’ in Lahore. When the first issue of his newspaper was released, only ten copies were sold with poke. But when Allama wrote a poetic verse for his newspaper, the second day its five hundred copies were sold, just in the morning. I am quoting here the verses of those poems written by DaaghDehlavi and Allama Muhammad Iqbal:
Huva Hai PunjayeFawlaadJaari,
Khari daro Naya Akhbaar Dekho.
JinabeFauqkiGilkariyu se,
Naya Akhbaar ye Gulzar Dekho.
Suna do Misraye Tarikh AeyDaagh,
Yeah Lo Akhbaar Jauhar Daar Dekho.
Ghulam Nabi Khayal, “Iqbal AureTehreekiAzadiye Kashmir”, Iqbal Academy Pakistan.
These verses of DaaghDehlavi’s poem on the same newspaper of Munshi Mohammad Din Fauq are worth reading.
Jis Se Saara Hind WaqifeKaar Hai.
Ghair Se Nafrat Na Apnu Se Bighaad,
ApneBeghaane ka Har Dum Yaar Hai.
Who Latayif Hai KehPadhte Hai Jinhe,
LutnemaiDilKabutarWaar Hai.
Kyu Na Nazmwa Nasar Ka Charcha Rahe,
Jab Editor Nazim WaSarshaar Hai.
Ghulam Nabi Khayal, “Iqbal AureTehreekiAzadiye Kashmir” Iqbal Academy Pakistan.
Allama Muhammad Iqbal’s verses on the issue of PunjayeFawlaad.
Dr. Riffat Hassan writes in His book about the primary era of Allama Muhammad Iqbal’s life:
“At first sight, it is somewhat surprising to find that Iqbal’s first book was on Political Economy. This book was first published in 1903when Iqbal was working as Assistant Professor in Government College, Lahore. It was written probably when Iqbal was working as McLeod Reader in Arabic at Oriental College Lahore. It is the first book in Urdu on Economics2 and so Iqbal had to coin many new words in that language. Iqbal’s book is naturally outdated today but the very fact that he wrote it as early as 1903 is remarkable.3 In the Introduction, Iqbal writes, “It seems necessary to make it clear that this book is not a translation of any particular book but is based on important authentic books and in places I have expressed my personal opinion also.”Iqbal showed his grasp of the essentials of the subject and his familiarity with contemporary ideas.”
Hasan M., Foreword to ‘Ilm-ul-Iqtisad’, Karachi, 1961, p.1.
2 Ibid.
3 Ibid., p. 2.
4 ‘Ilm-ul-Iqtisad’, p. 25.
5 Qureshi, A. L., Introduction to ‘Ilm-ul-Iqtisad’, p. 12.”
Riffat Hassan, “An Iqbal Primer an introduction to Iqbal’s philosophy” Iqbal Academy Pakistan 2001, P. No: 19.
About the Authors: The main author Khalid Lateef is a Regional President of Iqbal Research Institute Lahore, (Indian Administered Jammu and Kashmir Branch) located at Trehgam, District Kupwara.He is an Independent researcher of Iqbaliyaat, Hebrew Bible, and Comparative Study of Religions and Iqbal Study in reference with Reunification of Science, History, Archaeology, and Humanities. He can be reached at: [email protected]; Prof. Brigadier (Retd) Dr.WaheedUz Zaman Tariq is a former Brigadier of Pakistan Army, He is a Doctor,Virologist, Iqbal Scholar, Scholar of Persian litreture and Islamic Studies. He can be reached at:[email protected]; Dr.Ajaz Lone, is a postdoctoral research fellow of ICSSR, New Delhi. He is Assistant Professor of Sociology at Government Degree College Sopore, Jammu and Kashmir, India. He is also Chairman of Iqbal Research Institute Lahore (Indian Administered Jammu and Kashmir Chapter). He can be reached at:[email protected]; Dr. Khalid Suhail, is a Canadian-Pakistani Psychologist, Doctor, residing in Ontario Canada; Ejaz Ul Haq Ejaz, is a Chairman of Iqbal Research Institute Lahore, Pakistan and Indian Administered Jammu & Kashmir Branch; Taha MuzzamilWani is a doctoral Scholar in Faculty of English, OPJS University, Rajasthan, India. He can be reached at:[email protected]; Dr.Nosheen Khalid, is a General Secretary of Iqbal Research Institute Lahore, Pakistan and Indian Administered Jammu & Kashmir Branch; Prof. (Retd) Dr. Qamar Iqbal is the former Head of the Department of Urdu at Fauji College Rawalpindi, Pakistan; Dr.Showket Rashid Wani, is an Assistant Professor at the Department of Distance Education, University of Kashmir, Hazratbal, Srinagar 190006. He can bereached at: [email protected];WardaNayyab, is a researcher from Lahore. Her work mainly deals with the Persian aspects of Iqbal studies; Dr. Sami Ullah Mujahid, is a Chairman of Iqbal Research Institute Lahore,(Kabul Afghanistan Chapter). He is a Persian,Pashto, Dari, and Urdu Translator. Recently his translation of Muhammad IlyasGhamman was published by Nangahar University; Hafiz Latify, is a PhD Scholar of History and Afghan Archeology in Chandigarh, India; AfsheenShaharyar is teacher at Oriental College Lahore and President of Tehreek Nifaaz-i-Urdu Pakistan.She has opened a network of schools in Pakistan of whom she is a Chairman also; Dr.ReyazTawheedi, is a Coordinator of IYUSA, Urdu Research Scholars Anjuman Kashmir Chapter; Dr. Qazi Faizabadi, is an Assistant Professor of Urdu at Urdu Department, Government Degree College Handwara, District Kupwara, Janmu and Kashmir 193224.

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