End of politics of morality


What happened during late hours of early morning on Monday 19 October remains a mystery. Everyone is busy in floating his own ideas about the incident pertaining to arrest of Capt (r) Safdar. It is alleged he was arrested from local hotel by breaking doors of hotel room where Maryam Nawaz was staying. The footage shows he was very respectfully taken in a police mobile making him sit next to driver of the police mobile. The footage of the room clearly shows the room is closed with no sign of breakage except a piece of steel lever was lying on the carpet next to the door. It is alleged that between 2 and 4 AM two people came to him and took him to Sector HQ and forced to order arrest warrants of Capt Safdar for violating sanctity of Quaid Mazar that forbids everyone under law not to raise any political or other slogans except offering fateha.How anybody could dare to desecrate the Quaid Mazar. Capt Safdar’s conduct deserves highest condemnation. This is no way of paying homage to Father of the nation; in fact the entire nation should have condemned this attitude on the part of new born politician
Provincial Police Chief is not an ordinary person enjoys same authority and security that of Commander 5 Corps, how he could be kidnapped or taken away like that by anybody? How anybody could enter the IGP house that too at odd time? IGP House is fully guarded and no one can dare enter the house. Why did he comply with the orders? What prevented him to say no to intruders? Why he did not ordered DIG Reserve Police to reach his house with force? Why he did not call police help? Why he did not call CCPO? Why he did not call DG Rangers? Why he did not call the Corps Commander? Why he did not call press conference to unfold the drama? Why he is quiet on this incident? Sind Police tweet saying everything was done according to law and later on deleting it? Who ordered its deletion? What is the procedure of arrest? Is it not a fact that FIR is registered by SHO? After registration of FIR it is up to SHO when and how he arrests the accused. IGP is not at all involved in the arrest? Why he decided to go on leave of course instead fighting out the problem? There are many more searching questions which make the issue complicated, the entire story is full of flaws
Who advised Senior Police Officers all over Sind to apply for leave for 30 days? Interestingly all the leave applications are identical with different name of officers, could not be a coincidence. This is a major flaw, the director of drama made blunders. Who ordered these police officers to apply for leave? Why these police officers do not protest against rulers who submit lists of various police officers for frequent posting and transfers suiting to their convenience. Why don’t they protest when they are insulted by legislators? Why don’t they protest when cops are beaten by influentials? Why IGP has not lodged FIR against this harassment? But, all said and done it is certainly a very serious issue and people are interested to know what actually happened. Is it a conspiracy by our enemies to destabilise our country? Is it not an attempt to create rift between LEA and Sind Police? Who is mastermind of this entire drama? Many more questions remain unanswered
The mere fact that COAS Gen Qamar Javed Bajwa spoke to IGP and Bilawal Bhutto and very intelligently diffused the situation and both welcomed the step taken by COAS and deferred their leaves. COAS has ordered an inquiry under Commander 5 Corps makes one thing very clear that certainly something serious and unusual has happened and this incident(drama) has to be taken seriously, truth found out, characters involved to be exposed irrespective who they were. There have been few such incidents in the past, in 1972 where police went on strike during Bhutto’s rule in Peshawar and later in Lahore. PM asked army chief Lt Gen Gul Hassan to take action against police mutiny but he refused and preferred to resign. Later on Bhutto asked Air Marshal Rahim who also refused and said PAF cannot bomb its own people and he also resigned. Afterwards both were sent as Ambassadors in Austria and Spain. Bhutto ordered Governor Punjab Mustafa Khar to sort out Punjab Police who were on strike, Khar ordered Rangers to take over Police Stations and they did occupy the police stations, but next day the strike ended the pay of police was raised and they joined their duties. But the nature of the present case is totally different; opposition parties are now exploiting this incident to gain political mileage.
The Indian press got a golden opportunity to leash out propaganda against Pakistan and floated fabricated stories full of lies, tweets totally devoid of truth. They found an opportune moment to highlight this matter on their TV channels against Pakistan army. What is more surprising is that some of our anchors picking up Indian narrative started with talk shows and started analysing the incident without knowing the facts. They had no patience as usual instead waiting for the inquiry report that will be made public soon started criticising establishment. When the temperature is high efforts are made to cool it down but in Pakistan as usual further fuel is added to broaden the fire to serve selfish interests
Let this be stated categorically people of Pakistan will never let down their armed forces because they know their sacrifices and role played by them to bring peace in this country where our children could breathe freely, they shall never fall prey to such propaganda by internal and external enemies and stand shoulder to shoulder with their armed forces and shall always work for the glory of Pakistan. Enemies within and outside have failed in the past and they shall fail again. No such drama shall succeed
Lastly, I have written in newspapers for over 30 years now. Nothing less than 2000 articles have been published in my name in leading papers of the country. As a senior columnist and writer I am of the firm opinion that the PDM is a theatre that runs dramas and what happened to Safdar was a deliberately created act of the drama. PDM has no future. The future of Pakistan and its politics is associated with those who keep the country above themselves and their selfish interests. Presently PTI government and Pakistan military are doing it and we must all support them

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