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Human Rights in indigenous regions in South Asia

Historically this has been learnt that people were living with peace and harmony in Indus Civilization. Indus water basin is source of life from millions of years and we can say since the creation of this Earth.
As for as the present history is concerned different dynasties were the rulers in different areas of Indian Sub Continent whichis called now South Asia. Presently, the South Asia region is consisted on Bangladesh, Bhutan, India, Nepal,Pakistan, Maldives and Sri Lanka. A huge population of indigenous people of South Asia is living in these countries now.
History tells us that Alexander came from Macedonia and entered Sub-Continent from Kabul. He crossed the Indus River and his battle was fought on River Jhelum, it’s situated 120 Km from Islamabad the Capital of Pakistan now. In these times Western World considered that India is the last destination of this world.
Alexander was not able to conquer the Sub-Continent and returned his home with severe wound which caused his death during Journey. After Alexander other invaders came from Central Asia, Arab and Iran.They ruled many Centuries in Sub-Continent. Religiously they were Muslims. Britishers and French came later, Britisherscame as traders (East India Company) but they captured the whole.
Sub-Continent got liberty and new Countries came in to being presently it is called South Asia.
In ancient times, people were living in tribes; a tribal mindset was prevailed in every Continent politically, economically and socially weak people minorities or families were used to live as salves. Great Prophet Moses (A.S.) challenged the hegemony of Egyptian Pharaoh in favor of Israelites, enslaved minority.
Prophet Muhammad (SAAW) also manifestedequality and Justice System in first Islamic State in Madina, which is a beaconof light in present world as well.
Historically, most of the Muslim rulers established their Governments on secular principles; they did not impose their religion on the Natives. Non-Muslims were equally important in their courts, although the society of Sub-Continent was totlly different, low cast minorities were facing social injustice from the privileged and elite class. A religious ritual “Satti” was inhuman act, forwomen. Muslim rulers did not ban or reformed this criminal act. Aurangzeb Alamgir was strict religiously;Hussaini Muslims faced huge problems in his regime.
European nations invaded in every Continent of the world, they made colonies and salves were for their business and industrial motives. In 20th Century, after two world wars, the world leaders realized that there should be a code of conduct to save and protect the humanity.
So, the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR) was passed as United Nations Resolution NO 217-A in General Assembly of UNO held in Paris 10th December, 1948 all major aspects of human liberty have been included in this historical document. According to the official website of UNO, this document has been translated in over 500 languages.
According to reliable sources and World Health Organization, Bangladesh have a problem of Arsenic in water, which causes 40 million people have been poisoned. Bhutan anotherindigenous region, a clear political inequality remains their citizens from few areas are unable to exercise the fundamental rights like freedom of movement. The most populated country of South Asia region is India which has several human rights issues like sexual harassment and rape of young girls, more than 200 million Dalits are living in bad condition. Religious minorities are facing extremism even in higher education institutions or universities.World’s highest military zone Kashmir where life is in real trouble, according to the European legislatives and UN Human Rights Commission Report.
Right now, Pakistan is the most volatile country in South Asia region. In 1947, the newly born country was weak, politically and economically. Two million people were massacred when they were coming to new homeland. Before its Silver Jubilee the country was divided, the confession statements of two Indian Prime Ministers are on record, they admitted that there was our role to divide Pakistan.
Afghanistan-Russia war created huge problems for Pakistan, that war changed the social fabric of Pakistani society. Religious extremism started with the involvement of Western world. 9/11 was the major mishap which created again huge problem for Pakistan, a severe wave of terrorism started, more than 70,000 Pakistani lost their lives and more than hundred thousand people were wounded in different attacks. Now they are not living the normal life. Pakistan faced the civil war like situation in tribal areas; more than five thousand military personnel lost their lives thosewere fighting against the terrorists.
Sri Lanka was also succeeded to against the four decade long terrorism. They lost many lives during this period.So,every where there were problems to maintain peace and Justice. The world and regional politics is also a major cause behind this unrest and human rights violations.
After colonialism now the third world countries are in the hands of economic powers.South Asia region is also facing huge threats for its security and sovereignty.Sovereignty is a myth for third world countries.
The cheap labour of South Asia is like a gift for the first world countries.They need finished products for their brands on cheap rates and they are earning the huge profits.Social security is also a major issue for largely populated region is Asia. Food, clean water and energy security are the other major problems.
It’s unfortunate that when we compare the poverty ratio with the military spending in South Asia region. It is totally unfair but its reality. COVID-19 impact on this region is severe because of poverty and less opportunities for employment.
All Nations of South Asia region have to figure out the road map for conflict resolution or management for the next generation. They should bury the hatchet and start the confidence building measures for peace and harmony.
They can achieve the high moral values in human rights by ensuring fair and free justice system for their people. Influential people are the main hurdle in equality and rule of law. In some areas, they act like above the law,they are not in favour of revolutionary reforms in political system. Education and awareness on mass level can make the difference.
It is the duty of the states in South Asia to increase the education and health budgets to change the lives the people. It will be also improve the human rights protection index positively.

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