England’s ditch

This is not the first time that British has ditched the people of sub continent, the latest is the cancellation of the much awaited cricket tour of Pakistan by England which was supposed to take place after sixteen years. The Britain who brought Cricket to sub continent ruled the sub continent ( Pakistan and India ) for 300 years and became a Empire by exploiting the resources of the region through East India Company, which was a private Company of London Stockholders. The East India Company exploiting the resources of the region earned 45 Trillion Dollars from sub continent. Britain exploiting the religious divisions between Hindu and Muslims communities and further turning them against each other, squeezing the last drop of profit from sub continent, ultimately split the sub continent into two countries India and Pakistan. This split was done by the British in haste and in India’s favour and still toeing the lines of India not to play Cricket in Pakistan due to some fake threats generated from India on social media to New Zealand’s players.During the Independence of Pakistan millions of people were killed but the British rulers did not made any effort to stop the carnage and kept silent. So historically they never supported Pakistan when there was a dire need for that, as after the cancelled series of New Zealand if England would have come to Pakistan it would have been a boost for Pakistan Cricket after the jolt which Pakistan Cricket suffered due to the abrupt cancellation of the tour by the Black Caps
More shocking the excuse given by the ECB that there is increasing concerns travelling to the region seems to be sheer perception perpetuated by Five Eyes whose agenda is very little known to the world. ECB is always influenced by the Indian lobby and recent cancellation of the tour is a naked sign and example.
Why there was no concerns shown by the ECB earlier and why just after three days of exit of the Kiwis tour they came up with this kind of justification. It raises many questions, the ECB did not took their Government into confidence and their players and also ECB did not cited any threats of any kind to PCB. Mysteries are there in the cancellations, perception, conspiracy and single out Pakistan in the name of security. ECB by cancelling the tour did a colossal loss to Pakistan Cricket, the British Government through East India Company did the same by acquiring and utiliising the resources of sub continent for their benefit. Britisher who are the first to introduce Cricket in the sub continent, by refusing to tour Pakistan, ECB ditched their Government and their players and above all ditched— CRICKET.

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