Meddling in sovereign Afghan affairs not our business

Ever since takeover of Afghanistan by Taliban everyone is busy in showing their concerns little realising that it was most abnormal take over where old government did not hand over the power and preferred to flee from the country without giving a fight or offering any resistance. After capture of Kabul entire administration stopped coming to their work place thus putting everything to stand still. The Afghan Taliban immediately announced general amnesty and said no revenge and advised them to come back and start work as usual. The true cost of 20 years of war is $8 trillion. US also trained over 300,000 Afghan soldiers on most sophisticated weapons. When the time came to surprise of every one this well trained army never resisted Taliban entry into Kabul instead facilitated by welcoming and surrendering them. This was again surprise to Joe Biden a massive intelligence failure but rightly said US gave everything but not the will to fight.
US as per agreement signed in Doha left Afghanistan on 31 August. While leaving destroyed everything they could was certainly in a bad taste especially when they could leave behind weapons aircrafts worth trillions of dollars, it was not wise step. Taliban started off well when they captured Kabul announced general amnesty with no restrictions on women to go to work, school and colleges. They talked about inclusive government as per agreement .In spite of assurances about role of woman there is no female member in the cabinet. It is composed of mainly people of previous Taliban rule from 1996 to 2001 rest new members. It is true Afghanistan is independent sovereign state no one has right to interfere in their internal affairs. They call it a caretaker government but international community is not happy as they feel there is not much of change in their attitude. International community is concerned in evacuation of their people as quickly as possible and it is being done according to the plan already drawn. US Secretary of State has rightly expressed his concern when he finds people on terror list as ministers in Taliban cabinet. So far Taliban are doing what is good for them but are ready to sit and talk about any issue but are not willing to take dictation and no compromise in running the government in accordance with Sharia At present there is total collapse of administration and they have asked old employees to come and join their duties. International community is not in hurry including Pakistan to give recognition until Taliban show flexibility and fulfil the promises they made. All is not well there we have seen protests by women demanding their rights and its harsh handling by Taliban, it attracts provision of human rights and UN has rightly shown concern to stop action against peaceful protests.
The cat is out of bag. Taliban have announced their interim government and has said the government will be run on Sharia, no democracy whatsoever. Women shall be allowed to go to schools and colleges and there will be no coeducation. US for 20 years tried to bring democracy but in the bargain had to leave Afghanistan with a heavy heart and had no choice except to enter into agreement for peaceful exit.
Unfortunately Pakistan is repeating same old mistake coming in forefront making appeals to west to help them. Why don’t we realise that we are getting exposed to international community by pleading the case of Taliban to extend them help? The entire world knows that Afghan government cannot survive without aid and UN is already active. It was in a bad taste when PM Imran Khan in Dushanbe said he has initiated a dialogue with Taliban to include Tajiks and Uzbeks in their cabinet (Although a good step but needed quiet diplomacy). He should not have said this openly it will be used against us and tantamount to interference in the internal affairs of Taliban. Likewise our foreign minister and other key ministers are also seen overemphasising and requesting world community to come forward and give aid to Afghanistan government and render help on humanitarian grounds. We witnessed Tamasha on the visit of DG ISI to Afghanistan.US and allies are silent on the recognition and weighing their options and are in no hurry. Same is true for us we are also watching US and other countries to take a decision. As an immediate relief UN obtained $ 1 billion in pledges of fresh funds to stave off humanitarian crisis in Afghanistan.US and their allies say they are willing to provide aid but not through the new Taliban government because no country has recognised them. The international community says words are not good enough, we must see action and fulfilment of promises made by Taliban. More than 70 % revenue of the deposed Afghan government came from international aid, which has now been completely eliminated. Taliban take over has almost finished role of India in Afghanistan and they will not be able to operate from Afghanistan as before and that would bring end to RAW agents terrorist activities in Pakistan. It is good that Taliban have asked India to mind their own business. West has yet to recognise Taliban government as they feel that promises made by Taliban are not being fully implemented. It appears that Taliban shall not compromise on Sharia and the women will be treated as in the past with limited rights. They have already issued instructions no woman shall go to work place where men are working, they have asked them to stay at home till they are informed when to move. This is no freedom and women have already protested but Taliban shall crush such elements by force. There are two major issues firstly recognition of Taliban government and aid to run the government. US has frozen $9.5 billion of central bank of Afghanistan, US should release their amount that will help them to overcome immediate crisis of shortage of funds, but even than they would be needing aid to survive.
Afghanistan is facing a major economy collapse. Prices for food and other essentials have risen manyfold, banks remain closed there is no cash in the banks and people have limited access to cash. Children under 5 years estimated 3.1 million acutely malnourished. Same is true for health sector. World should stand up ensure emergency support reaches them. UN has to take care of people of Afghanistan and ensure people don’t die of hunger, in longer run Pakistan will be sufferer again as when the pressure shall mount they shall enter Pakistan and it will be action replay. Are we ready? Apparently we have no choice except to accept them and feed them. Pakistan is under heavy debt and once pressure of Taliban mount on us we would also be asking for aid to feed them. The main issue is recognition of Taliban that will only take place once Taliban fulfil promise of inclusive government. On inclusive issue we must be practical and realistic .Imagine that Imam Khomeini was asked to keep people of Raza Pehalwi’s puppet government to keep the new Iranian government all inclusive. Many examples can be given. What is the logic with the international community when asking the Taliban to keep those who aided and abetted the foreign occupiers of their land for 20 years as part of their government to show world it is inclusive? As the things are moving Taliban are not going to compromise on Sharia and selection of cabinet that may end up in civil war that will create humanitarian and refugee crisis will be difficult to handle. The world must engage and take immediate decision whether to give recognition to Taliban or not without imposing preconditions.There will be pressure on Pakistan to recognise Taliban before others do it for that we have to be very careful and must watch regional player’s attitude and play our cards intelligently.

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