Enlightening model of Chinese mindset


Attribute China, Chinese people, leadership and statesmanship for recovering, revamping and rising from 1945, to become the economic Super Power and a model of peace and peaceful coexistence of the world today.
Imagine so truly remarkable and such wonderfully value-adding achievements of China and Chinese on any area like Belt and Road, CPEC, CPC, Xinjiang, Poverty alleviation in China, developments in China or on Chinese leadership! Simply rejuvenating is such unique model of Chinese mindset.
Here heart-trends and mind-sets of enlightening China and Chinese are out-of-the-ordinary and beyond general thinking. Unheard, unseen, unrealized and unfelt are decorum, discipline, devotion and dedication to the national cause of China and Chinese in letter and spirit.
Blooming and echoing are their very best rhyme and rhythm, accuracy and audacity, colors and charisma. Singing in one captivating voice is the message of love, cheers, peace, justice and goodwill for China and Chinese, their friends and the world, and, vice versa, for the mischief-mongers.
Warmth and cheers, reciprocity and generosity, wisdom and stardom are such happy and happy hallmarks of China and Chinese that overwhelm and influence people, friends and foes and where seeing is believing and testing is truly confirming.
Pakistan-China friendship continues to stand higher than the Himalayas as proved with Chinese and Pakistanis living in the hearts of each other. The all-winning impact and influence of such catchwords or brands as China-Chinese are so naturally absorbed they are in the heart and soul of both the peoples.
See one wonderful model of Pakistan-China friendship: On 29th April, 1964, with a Boeing 720B, PIA earned the distinction of becoming the first airline from a non-Communist country to fly into the People’s Republic of China. PIA’s first service to China was from Karachi to Shanghai via Canton.
Look at a unique example of Pakistan-China trust: The “Ping Pong policy” was spread out. On November 14, 1971 Pakistan called on Zhou En-lai, the Chinese Prime Minister, and discussed with him the US intentions. Obviously, the Chinese leadership was satisfied with the developments but there were still some formalities that were later to be met in what turned out to be a friendly ping pong game between the then US President Nixon and Chinese Premier Zhou En-lai, beginning of a new period of bilateral relations, courtesy Pakistan.
View yet another vista of Pakistan-China collaboration in student exchange programs when youth mutually benefit from gracefully recreational and entertaining programs and value-adding learning in skills, trades and education. Educationally a step further are research-oriented and mutually beneficial Pakistan-China faculty exchange programs.
Meanwhile, those who fancy trendy brands need to know that “Made in China” products world markets as these are highly-affordable and the most durable including electric and electronic appliances, garments and footwear, cutlery and crockery, kitchen and sanitary items, toys and play items, decor and decoration etc.
Education at Chinese colleges and universities is also state-of-the-art, affordable and highly-professional with provisions for scholarships, which world students, especially from Pakistan avail and apply towards job, career and life excellence indeed.
The secret of success of China, its people, leaders, statesmen, businesses, educators and philanthropists lie in exemplary hard work, pure trust and proven confidence that have won the worlds’ hearts as the very brands of “China” and “Chinese” proliferate magnanimously the whole world over.