72nd Founding Day of China


The journey of glorious achievements & historic contributions

1st October is celebrated annually as the national day of the People’s Republic of China, commemorating the formal proclamation of the establishment of the People’s Republic of China on 1st October 1949. The day of its foundation is a public holiday. The day reminds the decades-old struggle and exemplary sacrifices rendered by the pioneers and people of China to materialize the dream of China into reality. Pakistan was one of the first batch countries to recognize China soon after its independence and opened its airways and roads for China, wholeheartedly thus both countries came very close together to get knitted into the tie of two “iron-brothers” countries.
The 72nd Foundation Day of People’s Republic of China is of paramount significant to highlight this year especially in the sense that recently on 1st July 2021, the Communist Party of China CPC has also celebrated its glorious century of foundation under the leadership of president, Xi Jinping. In 2012, President, Xi Jinping announced to initiate various mega projects, including Belt and Road Initiative for collective prosperity and wellbeing of the wider community of the global village. Chinese President, Xi Jinping through his vision of global peace and prosperity made this significant and memorable day more colorful & valuable to cherish not only for his nation but also for China’s well-wishers across the globe. The President, Xi Jinping reiterates for peaceful co-existence of world countries by sharing businesses to improve the plight of the economies of the under developing countries. The President, Xi Jinping owing to his noble cause stress upon the peace of the global village largely. The joint pursuit of the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) aims to enhance connectivity and practical cooperation. More than 170 countries and international organizations have signed agreements on Belt and Road cooperation with China. Belt and Road cooperation has created new avenues for global economic growth, produced new platforms for international trade and investment and offered new mechanism for improving global economic governance. Indeed, this initiative has helped changed the ordinary people’s lives in countries involved and enhanced more opportunities for common prosperity. Under the leadership of the Xi Jinping, the Chinese people are set to achieve the centennial goals of building moderately prosperous society and great modern socialist country. Xi strong leadership qualities not only recognized at home but also on the global level, where he has constructed the framework for China’s major-country relations and expanded cooperation with other major developing countries.

Xi Jinping vision of more open China has further integrated the world and is delivering greater progress and prosperity for both China and the world at large. The joint pursuit of the BRI has enabled various countries to deepen their cooperation with China and promote regional and global economic integration. Xi Jinping has emerged as an international hero and leader who addresses and cope up the issues of the global economies through his Road and Belt initiative which is bearing the fruit .The Belt and Road worldwide has become a road to stability, development and prosperity. Through Belt and Road project China has strengthened macro policy coordination with other major economies and hence jointly contributed to robust, sustainable, balanced and inclusive global growth. China does not resort to the beggar-thy-neighbor practice of RMB devaluation. The President, Xi Jinping vows to favor multilateralism and safeguards international system abiding by the charter of United Nations to codify the principles of international relations at its core. China is committed to implement multilateral and bilateral economic with the countries made trade agreements via BRI. China is an open, cooperative and peaceful country firmly following the policy of non-interference with no hegemonic expansion designs of influence.
The honorable President, Xi Jinping initiatives since 2012 amicably highlight his visionary zeal for developing the world by strengthening shared community values and its prosperity. The glory of the ancient BRI project reveals that geographical distance is surmountable. In today’s increasingly multi-polar, economically globalized, digitized and culturally diversified world, the trend toward peace and development is becoming indispensable, and as reform and innovation are gaining momentum. Never have world seen trend of such close interdependence among countries as today, thus BRI has become a role model of enhancing the alignment of development strategies and deepening practical cooperation in various fields, so as to work together to build an open global economy and a community with a shared future for mankind. BRI has opened windows of friendly engagement among nations, adding a splendid chapter to the history of human progress. Xi as a core leader has lot of flexible insight and incentives to offer and work with countries of the world to forge a community of shared destiny. China greatly values its relations with Pakistan thus China is always supporting Pakistan at every stage both politically and economically. China has invested over $60 billion in Pakistan (China-Pakistan Economic Corridor) CPEC under its BRI project.
The COVID-19 pandemic which has hit the world in the beginning of the 2020, was a sputnik moment provided an opportunity to the world to learn from China’s experience that how it handled the fatal epidemic. The determined Chinese nation under Xi Jinping leadership defeated and contained the pandemic through their resilience & perseverance and China practically taught the world, the real crisis management skills. President, Xi Jinping opposed politicization and stigmatization over COVID-19, urged global leaders to embrace the “concept of a bigger family and avoid falling into the trap of a clash of civilizations.”
Chinese President Xi Jinping visionary leadership rather utilized the coronavirus pandemic as an opportunity for emerging “diplomatic initiative” to counter Coronavirus and to promote health cooperation. China is contributing to economic recovery worldwide and the improvement of global governance in the post-COVID-19 era.
China has donated a very large number of vaccines and masks to the world irrespective of color, race and religion aim to export job opportunities, technology and supply chain just like its BRI project. Xi aims to make Chinese COVID-19 vaccines a “global public good” accessible and affordable to people across the world. China has a history of largest global humanitarian drive since 1949, providing anti-virus assistance to over 150 countries and 10 international organizations and sending 36 medical teams to 34 countries in need. China indeed has repositioned itself as the only world’s savior via its volunteer.
The way Chinese nation has defeated Covid-19 spread under Xi Jinping leadership in their country is quite incredible surprising and amazing.
This is a historical and an unprecedented achievement of China. The credit indeed crowns to Xi Jinping sense of mission” and “outstanding leadership for handling the virus outbreak with such a composed manner. China truly has emerged as a model of success against the pandemic. China once again has proudly proven its superiority as real and only “Super Power” of the world.
The successful Belt and Road project initiatives manifest Chinese President Xi’s mindset that China and its leadership always prefer to work for peaceful coexistence of the world community and strictly implement a non-interference policy.
Today China has become a role model for the world with booming economy despite prevent wave of Coronavirus which has globally scrambled other countries. Although China was the first country hit by Covid-19, yet it controlled the disease through practical ,prompt, immediate and extremely firm actions, it did not repeatedly paralyzed its economy, businesses and educational institutes through lockdowns as European countries yet through most comprehensive and thorough prevention and control measures China effectively curbed the outbreak of the epidemic in a short time and instead of an economic recession in 2020 it in fact estimated to experience growth of 64% this year. The revolutionary poverty alleviation program of President Xi Jinping via strong determination and practical actions has lifted almost 100 million people out of poverty, improved standards of living and created its middle class. China has the world’s highest foreign exchange reserves; it stood at $3.107 trillion at the end of February 2020. China is among the major holders of the U.S. securities as it holds close to $1.07 trillion of the U.S. Treasury (end January 2020). Today, China is world economic miracle as China’s socialist system guarantees sustained economic growth. China has invested 1.6 trillion in eradicating poverty. XI’s leadership has attained a milestone by lifting almost 100 million people from poverty which was an amazing birthday gift for 100th anniversary of Communist Party of China this year on 1st July 2021.
China’s under Xi Jinping is heading in a more assertive direction as his approach is rebranding a narrative of peaceful rise with international development cooperation and employing an increasingly assertive stance on global issues, and the national objectives & dream of turning of great rejuvenation of Chinese nation’s .
Today, world refer to China due to landmark achievements attained by President Xi Jinping who is further engraving his vital role on global level. Today China is known as a country which is more focused, determined , dedicated and devoted to overcome any kind of crisis and challenges rather paying heed to baseless propaganda of USA and western powers and has become a super world’ in economic, military , technology and health sectors through all available means.
Xi Jinping super strong leadership due to his strong intellect, grip over country’s and world’s history and deeply defined vision and worldview has proved him exceptionally brilliant leader of the world .Xi Jinping is an extremely great leader and he can surely create an even brighter future for China and the world. Xi Jinping great leadership has led the Chinese people to fight against COVID-19, making unbelievable achievements in poverty alleviation and providing health, which are the foundations through which Chinese economy has prospered tremendously. Xi understands what the Chinese people want and guides the Chinese people towards a better future.
President Xi Jinping’s China is now more vibrant and energetic & will remain a builder of global peace, a contributor to global development and a defender of international order. Under the leadership of President Xi Jinping, China would continue its march towards the ‘Great Rejuvenation’ of the Chinese Nation.


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