Equality for all


The injustice and inequality are not the new phenomenon. The roots of injustice trace back to the creation of the world. The current world is polarized and full of discriminations. The intolerance is due to the change of point of view. People are judged by their beliefs, cast, color, ethnicity, gender and status, which all are human made. The man is never born with the sense of superiority, but it is the environment, surroundings and upbringing which creates a sense of superiority.
In a globalized world, one burning part of the world takes a whole world under its flames. In the contemporary world, it is clear that the gap between the segments of society is widening. It is not just the USA, which is experiencing the crises of inequality and justice, but every society and country are going through it. Not going too far, but it is evident how the people of Palestine being considered the children of lesser God, the people of Kashmir who have been persecuted since years, the people of Yemen, Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan, and many other countries where they have been killed and silenced. Constitutionally, the world under the umbrella of the UN is equal and has got equal rights, but ground realities are opposite to the claims.
There have been many alarming and painful events across the globe lately, which made the disparity, inequality and injustice more clear. The difference and inequality is not just race based, but it is found in different shapes. If it is racial based in the USA, the same injustice and inequality is religious and sectarian based in the other parts of the world. Similarly, Ethnic-based, status-based, and gender-based inequality is present across the globe especially in third world countries.
Although the most of liberals consider religion, the reason of the most of the bloodshed in history, no recent battle has been fought on the basis of it. For instance, World War-I and World War-II, which caused the most of the deaths in history are not fought on the basis of religion but in pursuance of power and supremacy. No religion of the world calls for the persecutionof minorities. The west considers Islam the religion, which is contributing to inhuman acts and injustice, but the reality does not bear out the theory.
It is the Muslim community, which suffers injustice in every corner of the west. After 9/11, which was an act of an individual, the Muslims across the globe have faced the worst discrimination due to their beliefs. The injustice, which the Muslim community has faced, was not the individual act, but governments contributed in Islamophobia. For instance, Trump’s whole election campaign was based on anti-Muslim and anti-Black. It does not end there, but in India, Modi has played his role in the cause of Muslim-hatred. Apart from the USA, Europe, and India, the Muslims are being persecuted everywhere under the sun. As it is rightly said that as you sow so you shall reap. If the world remains silent over the injustice with Muslims, the tyrants will get a boost and motivation over the silence and ultimately to affect the globe as it is happening now.
Secondly, the major factor, which is contributing in the concern, is ethnic-based divide. Historically, the ethnic based division has created instability in many regions due to the sense of deprivation on linguistic basis. The instability fueled many struggles, and those struggles resulted in major breakthroughs. For instance, during Pakistan Movement, the Hindi-Urdu controversy was a major subject which provided a great reason for separation. Post-independence, the Bengali-Urdu controversy caused a big blow to Pakistan’s stability and resulted in fall of the country. Apart from this, recent proxy war in Syria has a major role of ethnic groups who joined the war due to impoverishment.
Thirdly, at least on the question of increasing status-gap everyone is at one. The claims of human equality have fallen flat. Realistically, no civilization has produced a civilized man. The developing countries have different laws for different groups. A group having golden keys could buy everything, including justice, health and education for him unlike the poor man who is deprived of all rights.
The COVID-19 has not only brought about the economic loss, but has also exposed the reality of so-called moral society. The chaos and anarchic situation were evident during lock downs where the elites robbed stores. It puts me in mind the recent incident I have gone through. On my doctor’s advice, I went for COVID-19 test and as soon as I reached, I experienced the status-based discrimination. There were the people who had paid for COVID-19 and others were those who were going under test on behalf of government. The staff behaved differently, the rich were facilitated with proper seating while others were asked to wait in line.
Fourthly, the race and color based inequality is another major factor across the globe and especially in the USA. Recent report shares the statics that racial discrimination is not only apparent in social sphere, but also affecting the economic sphere. Recent incident of George Floyd proves that how polarized the social sphere of the USA is. Apart from the social sphere, the disparity could be witnessed from economic indicators and surveys. The comparison between 1983 and 2016 wealth reports state that comparatively the wealth of black race has been reduced unlike white belonging, which is on the rise. The recent voices after George incident also show the depression blacks are living in. The difference has taken over the whole globe,whether it the America or Africa, Europe or Asia, and the roots trace back to the colonial period.
Fifthly, the gender-based discrimination in all fields is another point to ponder. The women, especially in third world countries are deprived of their basic rights of education, health, and property rights. Apart from the basic rights, harassment, acid throwing, domestic violence, and forced conversions have forced women to hold protests to demand rights. Although half of the world population is female based, they are economically, socially, and politically confined to cages.
The impacts of discrimination are very complex and need special attention to make the world a better place to live. The color-based inequality is contributing economically; the USA’s major agriculture sector is based on black labor. This discrimination has been existing before the civil war and the colonial period. Not only in the USA but also in European countries where the Black slave business has remained for years. Along with economic effects, there are political setbacks as well as the sense of inferiority results in movements and instability. Adding to that religious-based inequality has caused millions of lives and still taking roots in different societies where the society is getting polarized and resulting in weak states. For instance, it took millions of lives during the 30-year war during sectarian killings in Europe and now taking lives and creating rifts in societies like Pakistan.
Recently an incident took place which shows how the society of Pakistan has got polarized when a man refused to donate plasma to a person of another sect. Furthermore, the ethnic-based differences, gender-based differences are resulting in not only the destabilization of countries but also contributing to human rights abuse.
The world needs to consider the inequality rooting in multiple societies. Here are a few suggestions which could result in the ceasing of this inequality.
Firstly, religion and its institutions like Masajid, churches and temples could be used as a source of spreading the positive message of peace. Although the religions have been blamed for the bloodshed, it can play a constructive role to stop it as well. Since, every religion messages for peace, the need of the hour is to spread the message of love. For instance, Islam which has faced the worst discrimination lately due to the WoT, Islam has nothing in its constitution which differentiates between humanity. It rather orders to create peace under the sun.
It compares the loss of one human loss with loss of humanity. It has the oldest written human rights constitution which is taken from Holy Prophet’s (SAAW) last sermon. It has provided the rights to Muslims, women, non-Muslims, slaves, and every segment of society. So Islam is a complete code of life that does not need any reformation but Muslims do as they have lost the actual track.
Secondly, the UN has to play its roles as the international body. Currently, no one trusts the UN body as it has played fast and loose. It has ignored the atrocities happening around the globe. The UN, as per its constitution, should make every state accountable for its role in human rights abuse. It has to pay heed to increasing gender-based and the status-based difference in society and resolve the economic disparity and exploitation; starting from article 1 of human dignity and equality to article 2 of human equality irrespective of race, sex language, religion, and political belongings which are polarizing the societies.
Thirdly, the major powers have their role in human rights abuse. For instance, in the name of WoT, the USA and its allies have made the whole world a hell. The war has killed more civilians than terrorists. Currently, their proxies are engaged in Syria and Yemen are another proof of their agenda. Apart from the proxies, they are silent over the issue of Kashmir, Palestine, and Uighur Muslims. So they first have to provide equality and basic rights across the board starting from home.
Now the time has come to adopt some practical means to set aside the barriers to human equality. Although it is a big challenge to achieve desired results of human equality, the recommended solutions can play a role to minimize the societal differences. Since, majority of the people live in such circumstances which could be termed as the state of fear and inferiority. If we failed to stop the discrimination, the polarized society would result in chaos.