Every face wears a mask!

Saba Farooq

Lemon and honey, gram flour and milk, lemon and glycerin mixture or even store-bought sheet masks can do wonders for our uneven skin tone. Today, I am just going to share some of the beauty masks recipes and DIY which I have tried and tested over the years with you.
I will be telling you about the masks today. Not beauty masks, not even the one’s which the corona made us wear. Sorry to disappoint you if you came here for beauty tips. But, today I would rather tell you about the masks that I have found people wearing throughout their lives that are not even tried and tested by anyone, which are really bad for their overall health and those are neither made of natural ingredients nor toxic chemicals.
These masks are basically customized by humans as per their personal preferences. And the number one reason behind the customization of these masks is “Fear” in each one of us. Fear could be about anything: like the fear of not being good enough, intelligent enough, pretty enough, etc.
There are millions and billions of people in this world. And we are surrounded by people almost our lives, but, still we do not even truly know each other. Isn’t it astonishing! That the people around us don’t even know us. (Our true selves) they only know the version of us which we displayed right in front of their eyes.
We are being judged on behalf of these masks we wear on a day to day basis. We all have good parts and bad parts. None of us could be kept under the category of a “good human” or a “bad human” because neither of us is good nor bad. We all are “just humans”. Flawed creatures, made up of skin and bones with a heartbeat of course.
Each one of us has two sides; a light side and a dark side. “Light side” is the side that we show more often to people around us because it is easy to love we are aware of that, and we only show it because each one of us wants to be loved, but then there is another one which is a “dark side” which we hardly ever show to anyone.
We are afraid of disclosing that side of ourselves to the world. We are afraid that people might dislike us or hate us if they knew that side of us. Deep down may be all of us are chronic people pleasers and we have convinced ourselves that we won’t be accepted and loved by people around us for our true authentic selves.
Due to which each one of us possesses a collection of masks that we put-on on our faces depending upon the situation or an occasion but, three of them we usually wear the most. First mask we put on while we are with family and friends, the second mask is reserved for strangers while, the third one is the original one which we rarely ever wear as compared to the above two.
Unfortunately, we don’t get time for this in our busy lives. It is a mask we wear only when we are all by ourselves. We put this on only when no one is around us. Then, there are times when we wear a mask for so long that we partially forget who we really were beneath it.
Consequently, even if we are being loved we are not loved for our true selves. People love that masked version of us, not us! People don’t love us for our true-selves as we hardly ever disclose ourselves to anyone. They like/dislike and judge us on the basis of the masks we have put on right before meeting them.
I believe that’s why people say he/she has changed but, in reality they just hid their true selves from them. They showed them which they knew will be liked and accepted by the other person. Out of all the masks people usually go with the masks which are of lighter and brighter shades, they love the versions that are likeable and loveable and anyone on earth can love. It is heart-broken to even think about the loneliness that people suffer from behind these masks.
At the end of the day, we all are just a little scared, emotional living creature. All of us have heard this saying at one point or another which is “Do not judge a book by its cover”. But, I think it wouldn’t be wrong either if we say: “Don’t judge a person by the mask they wear.” In short, behind masks there are literal souls, we don’t know a thing about.

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