Five blind eyes

The Chief Executive of New Zealand Cricket Heath Mills, talking to a social media platform said that the joint intelligence wing of Australia, Canada, New Zealand, UK and US, had provided the security inputs which was shared by the New Zealand Government and New Zealand Cricket after which it was decided to abandon the series.
By all standards the above statement established the conspiracy to call off the tour as the Black Caps remained in Pakistan for 5 days, during which they have nets and travelled 10 kilometers to reach stadium without any hindrance and to the entire satisfaction of the tourists. No complain were registered by any member of the squad. Surprisingly Five Eyes inputs were considered but the security officials of the host country and any official of PCB was not informed, rather the Kiwis did not share any information regarding the threat, or consulted about the security. Interesting and alarming revelation were made by Heath Mills that several of New Zealand players recieved death threats through social media a week before the tour, but our security experts after investigating the matter found it non serious.
Death threats were not considered serious by the New Zealand Cricket but they unilaterally cancelled the series after Five Eyes inputs, without taking into confidence the hosts.
It would have been far better if the New Zealand Cricket team should have called off the tour after their players recieved death threats.
It is still a mystery that why New Zealand officials did not share the threats with PCB and security officials, if their was a potential threat.
The host gave too much importance to the New Zealand cricket squad in terms of giving fool proof security and deploying 4000 policemen to protect them, but all went in vain.
Diplomacy and all efforts of the host to provide best comfort level failed due to rigid and un compromising attitude of the Black Caps.
It is a huge blow for Pakistan Cricket but as the newly elected Chairman of PCB has asked the players to improvise and give the answer to the world by your best performance.
Pakistan has been victim to international conspiracies but time and again we rose as a nation. This abandoning of tour is a International conspiracy, if cricket tour are cancelled on the inputs of Five Eyes or Five Blind Eyes then not only cricket but many other sports will not be safe to organize. Five Eyes inputs is not shared yet by New Zealand Cricket authorities so every body is in dark thanks to, ‘ Five Blind Eyes ‘

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