Foreign Ambassadors and media men’s visit of LoC


In an all-important and much called-for development, the Foreign Office and Pakistan Army together invited the Foreign Ambassadors and media men to visit Loc (Line of Control) to see for themselves the brutalities of Indian Army at LoC where Indian forces are engaged in unprovoked aggression against Pakistan, killing innocent civilians and jawan of Pakistani Army.
As a matter of fact, such aggressive acts of India are an openviolation of international law as well diverting the attention of international community from the three months long curfew imposed bythe Indian government in the Indian occupied Kashmir under Modi who has turned the valley into a mega prison.
The Ambassadors who visited LoC did not see any terrorist camps as claimed by the Indian army chief.The people whomthe Ambassadorstalkedto also denied of the existence of any terrorist camps. Rather they informed the ambassadors that the Indian army has been targeting the civilians provoking Pakistani Army which might lead to war. Chinese ambassador also confirmed that there is no trace of any terroristsor movement of any terrorist group from this sideofLoC which means that the Indians are lying. Old habits die hard and it is their habit to blame Pakistan to mislead the international community, it is just sheer provocation not acceptable to the peace loving people of the world, he said.
Similar views were expressed by media men representing the international media who were the part of the arranged visit to LoC.They were unanimous of the view that India wants a war with Pakistan by launching attacks against civilians as well Pak army jawans at LoC, but the war is not a solution, it would bring untold miseries on both sides. Moreover, India and Pakistan are both nuclear powers, and in case of war anything could happen endangering the peace of the world.
The visit by the ambassadors and the international media at LoC is an ample proof that Pakistan does not hide anything and what it wants is to expose the false propaganda of India against Pakistan by alleging that Pakistan maintains terrorist camps nearLOC.
The FO also said that the visit of the Ambassadors and the media men has once again exposed the lies and deceit of New Dehli whose agenda is to malign Pakistan internationally, but the Indian efforts have failed miserably. Pakistan is a peaceful country and wants resolution of Kashmir dispute through Dialogue for which India is not ready and is in total denial.
Meanwhile the Prime Minister of Malaysia Mahathir Mohammad said that he will not retract his criticism of NewDehli’s actions in Held Kashmir despite Indian traders calling for an unprecedented boycott of Malaysian palm oil. The impasse can exacerbate what what Mahathir described as a trade war between the world’s second biggest producer and exporter of palm oil and its biggest buyer India this year.
It is strange that the Indian merchants instead of doing fair business with Malaysia are following the political course of Indian PM Modi, who has violated human rights in Indian held Kashmir and has imposed curfew for more than three months depriving the people of the held valley from purchasing eatable and even milk for the innocent children. Mahathir further added that we speak our minds, and we do not retract or change. We want UN resolution on Kashmir to be implemented; otherwise there is no use of UN.
And last but not the least, similar opinion has been expressed by the none other but the Acting Assistant Secretary of State for South and Central Asian AffairsAlice Wells who said that the Action of 5th August by the Indian government to annex Kashmir has not changed the US policy towards Kashmir which remains disputed territory between Pakistan and India, it’s not the integral part of India.