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Four terrorists killed in 8-minute operation clean-up by security agencies outside PSX

Imran Zakir

KARACHI: Security forces killed four terrorists in 8 minutes operation who attempted to hostile the Pakistan Stock Exchange in Karachi armed with AK-47 Rifles and grenade attack Monday morning to shatter the confidence of Investors stated by Director General Pakistan Rangers Sindh, Major General Umair Ahmed in a Press Conference held at Rangers headquarters here Monday.
Discussing about the details of the attack he informed the media that one sub inspector and two security guards were martyred in the attack, while three police officials have been injured and sent to the hospital and all of them are stable. Ensuring peace in Karachi is our National will.
The terrorists used modern weapons wanted to enter the PSX having aim to hostile the traders and staff present here but rapid response from Police and Rangers officials reached at the scene soon after the attack and killed all four attackers. A clearance operation is completed after 25 minutes and all the activities attain normal life.
Additional Inspector General of Police, Ghulam Nabi is also accompanied by DG Rangers and said that advanced weaponry, hand grenades and explosive material and food items has been recovered from the terrorists’ custody that means their aim is to hostile the peoples here and there are very much bright chances of RAW involvement in that incident because this attack is the manifestation of their frustration. We are also examining the car registered on the name of one of the terrorist of this incident. Officials of the Bomb Disposal Unit have also arrived and are scouring the site for any explosive material, including the car used by the terrorists. Inspector General Sindh, Mushtaq Mehar directed to tighten the security of all important offices and trading centres across the city.
TLTP adds: According to details, terrorists stormed the building of Pakistan Stock Exchange using latest weapons and hand grenade; however, timely action of security forces thwarted this plan. Five persons including a police officer and security guards were martyred and many others including a police officer were injured.
The militants with sophisticated weapons stormed the building of the Pakistan Stock Exchange and attacked the security personnel by hurling hand grenades and firing at them, Senior Superintendent Police City of Karachi Muqaddas Haider told the media.
He said two militants were killed during the exchange of firing with the security teams and police, while the other two managed to enter the building and later were gunned down by paramilitary troops who rushed to the site following the attack.
The killed security personnel include four personnel from stock exchange security and a policeman, he said, adding that seven people including policemen also got injured in the attack.
Later, police, army and paramilitary troops cordoned off the area for clearance operation, and restricted all kinds of movement near the building. Huge cache of arms and ammunition was also recovered from the terrorist car found near Pakistan Stock Exchange building.
Baloch Liberation Army (BLA) armed group claimed responsibility for the attack in a statement released. “Majeed brigade of Baloch Liberation Army today has carried out a self-sacrificing attack on Karachi stock exchange,” read the statement, emailed to a foreign media outlet.
Managing Director of Pakistan Stock Exchange Farrukh Khan told the media that all militants were restricted and killed near the gate of the stock exchange and none of them reached the offices where trading was taking place, adding that operation of the market continued during the attack.
“We were all terrified,” said Abid Habib, director of the Pakistan Stock Exchange. “There was gunfire and everything, and suddenly everyone was rushing to the windows to see what is happening. “Because the firing was close by, everyone was very worried, and we closed our outside doors.”
Security forces responded to the attack, and paramilitary Rangers were clearing the building, Habib said.
The video footage of the attack – shot by an office worker in a building opposite the PSX complex – showed four attackers dismount from a car and take up positions at a security barrier to the building, firing at security guards. Trails of blood were splattered across the stairs and an adjoining corridor of the building, two other videos and images sent by workers inside the building showed.
The PSX is Pakistan’s main stock exchange, with more than 2,000 employees normally working in the building for the Exchange and associated trading companies. Employee turnout was lower on Monday due to the coronavirus pandemic, with many companies opting to allow their workers to work from home, said Habib.
Trading on the PSX continued uninterrupted throughout the attack on Monday, as the stock exchange operates through an online system.
Meanwhile, President Dr Arif Alvi and Prime Minister Imran Khan have condemned the terrorist attack on the building of Pakistan Stock Exchange in Karachi on Monday.
In separate statements, President Alvi said that Pakistan is determined to root out terrorism from its soil and terrorists will never succeed in their nefarious designs. The President paid a rich tribute to security personnel, who foiled the terrorists’ bid by putting their own lives in danger. He said the role of security forces in overcoming terrorism and eradicating it is worth appreciation.
Prime Minister Imran Khan has condemned the terrorist attack. In a statement, he said members of the law enforcement agencies courageously took on the terrorists and foiled their bid. He said the entire nation is proud of the valiant personnel of the security agencies.
The Prime Minister also sympathized with the family members of the martyred security personnel and prayed for the early recovery of the injured.
Meanwhile, Chief of Army Staff (COAS) General Qamar Javed Bajwa has paid glowing tributes to security guards of Pakistan Stock Exchange (PSX), who sacrificed their lives as first responders vigilantly, checked the terrorists’ entry into PSX and foiled a major terrorist incident.
Appreciating law enforcement agencies (LEAs) for their operational readiness, the COAS lauded prompt, effective and integrated response of Pakistan Rangers and Sindh police, eliminating terrorists in the shortest possible time, said Inter-Services Public Relations (ISPR) on Monday.
“With the support of our resilient nation, we will foil all efforts of enemies aimed at destabilizing the hard earned peace achieved through sacrifices of our martyrs”, the COAS added.
Meanwhile, Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi has said that clues of terrorist attack on Pakistan Stock Exchange building in Karachi are leading towards India’s activated sleeper cells.
In a statement on Monday, the foreign minister said that he had already warned after North Waziristan terrorist attack that India could activate its sleeper cells in Pakistan. However, he said the country’s law enforcement agencies are ever vigilant to counter any such attempt.
Qureshi said that India could not tolerate peace in Pakistan. He said, “As we are set to open Kartarpur Corridor, India at the same time is making attempts to disrupt law and order in Pakistan.”
He said the world recognizes the sacrifices of Pakistan to maintain peace and stability in the region, while India is getting exposed for its human rights violations in Occupied Kashmir and the continued atrocities against minorities, particularly Muslims.
The foreign minister lauded the prompt action by police and law enforcement agencies that resulted in killing of all four terrorists on the spot.
Meanwhile, Australian High Commissioner to Pakistan, Dr Geoffrey Shaw condemned the attack on the Karachi Stock Exchange on Monday.
The diplomat wrote in a tweet: “I strongly condemn the attack on the Karachi Stock Exchange. My deep condolences to the families and friends of the victims and I wish a speedy recovery for those injured.”
Meanwhile, a Press release issued by the Pakistan Stock Exchange stated that PSX was the target of a terrorist attack this morning. The situation was brought under control as security forces, including Police and Rangers, dealt with the situation effectively and very quickly.
Four heavily armed terrorists attempted to enter Pakistan Stock Exchange premises this morning at about 10:02 am. The attackers were stopped from entering the premises of the Exchange. The security forces including guards, police and Rangers dealt with the situation bravely, skillfully and in a timely manner. In the exchange of fire, all the terrorists were killed. Two security personnel were injured while three personnel including two private security guards and one ASI lost their lives in the line of duty. The situation was brought under control within about 12 minutes.
Throughout this turmoil the Stock Market continued to operate normally and trading continued. Protocols in place were followed and the management took necessary measures to ensure that the Exchange continued to function normally.
MD PSX, Mr. Farrukh Khan, speaking about the incident said, “Pakistan Stock Exchange, a National Institution of the country, is an important symbol of the economy. Any attack on this institution is an attempt to damage the economy and scare away investors from Pakistan. I am thankful and applaud our courageous security personnel including the Rangers and Police who reached the scene within no time and successfully and skillfully dealt with the terrorists. They brought the situation under control and no terrorist was able to reach the PSX buildings. All staff, TREC-holders and investors, who were present at the premises, are safe”.
He further stated, “I am proud that throughout the COVID-19 lockdown and now this extreme situation brought about by the attack, The Stock Exchange continued to function normally and did not close for even a minute. I want to acknowledge the calm bravery of the PSX team, brokers and investors in continuing to work under very difficult circumstances. PSX has robust protocols and processes in place that have allowed the Exchange to continue functioning under such extreme conditions.”

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