Fractured PDM still a potent threat

Pakistan is a unique country where every election be it by election or otherwise always remains under dispute. Any party that loses the election does not accept its defeat and must come out with famous word “Dhandli” and starts agitation. Allegations and counter allegations become daily routine be it print media or electronic media start active debate whereas once the election result is out the chapter should be closed. Unfortunately the subject remains alive till the new elections are held. This time there has been a departure from the past as for as accusations allegations about elections are concerned this time the target is Election Commission of Pakistan that too from the government side that is something unusual. A constitutional body criticising other constitutional body is certainly dangerous trend. This is first time that ECP has displayed courage and took bold decision. It all started with Daska by election where the entire world witnessed there was total breakdown of law and order, no control whatsoever, civil administration collapsed, in fact it was free for all as a result two people died. 20 presiding officers with ballots disappeared to be seen again after 13 hours. In fact Chief Minister should have resigned for being negligent Any blind election commission would have cancelled the Daska by election, and rightly so ECP cancelled this election but came under heavy attack by the government little realising they were damaging their own institution. Under such tense atmosphere Senate elections were held in which government nominee Hafeez Shaikh was defeated by PDM candidate Yousaf Raza Gilani. It is alleged that 16 PTI members gave votes to PDM. There was lot of hue and cry against ECP and came under heavy attack for not taking any action against horse trading. PM had said open mandi lagi hoi hay Baluchistan rate is 50 to 70 crore and urged ECP to stop trading of votes. But interestingly those very members voted IK in his favour during vote of confidence. If ECP had taken action against these members the government would have collapsed but ECP avoided that right action and saved the government certainly deserve appreciation. Any reform or changes take time, it is not self generated computer invoice, and how on earth changes could be made without deliberations.
Now coming to chairman senate election. Before the process started recovery of hidden cameras is something very serious. ECP could have postponed senate elections till the investigations were completed but allowed the system to go on unhindered. If our senate premises is not safe one can only pray God to help us. The matter needs detailed investigations and people responsible must be brought to justice. Before election PDM strength was 51 and PTI & allied parties 48.The result was obvious but nation was surprised on the result as PDM having majority in the senate lost elections on technical grounds as 7 votes of Gilani were rejected as the stamp was put on the name instead space allotted to put the stamp, but the stamp was within the specified area showing clear intention of the voter that he has voted to Gilani.It is on record that presiding officer before the polling started made it clear that voter shall put stamp on the space provided to cast his vote, again a case of investigation. I shall now jump to deputy chairman election that again had the same majority of PDM 51 votes, but he got 44 votes against his rival who got 54 votes. Now look at the final result. Sanjrani 48 Gilani 42(if you include 7 invalid votes Gilani becomes the Chairman).Deputy Chairman ———54 Ghafoor Haidri 44 (again shortfall of 7 from PDM), if we add it becomes 51 against 47. Logical deduction these 7 members who played prominent role in ensuring defeat of PDM’s candidates acted according to the script prepared. For Gilani they deliberately made a technical issue by voting to give benefit to government candidate, same people making no mistakes while casting their votes for the deputy chairman. Now it is not a rocket science to determine who did not vote PDM candidates. The Senate chairman belonged to PPP so there is no possibility that 7 members could be from PPP so it could most probably be from PML N who acted under a written script. There was action replay these 7 members made no mistake and again voted to government nominee making total of 54.PPP can never go against establishment that would mean losing their government from Sind that Zardari will never do.
Right from the start it was obvious that PPP under no circumstances shall follow PDM agenda of tendering resignations. How PDM could think Zardari shall leave gold mine. The lines are very clear; PML N without Maulana Fazalur Rahman means nothing because Maulana has enough strength of his workers and has the capacity to paralyse the administration. A bad example of 126 days dharna has been set by Imran Khan, therefore it is not possible for the government to stop any political party staging dharna.We have already seen a trailer staged by Maulana. It is nine parties against one PPP and Zardari shall never risk his government in Sind. Zardari’s demand that Nawaz Sharif should come back is out of context, because the moment he lands in Pakistan will be put back in the jail to complete remaining term of his sentence. Government should not feel very happy about the split in PDM as it had to happen due to different agenda of parties but should spend all its energies to provide relief to poor people and establish new industries so that unemployment is brought under control. PTI otherwise had no danger from PDM because it was clear that PPP shall never tender their resignations. PTI should not take it lightly as the fractured PDM without PPP can still put up a grand show. Whenever the postponed long march is undertaken people are bound to join them and that is what PTI should focus at. No more rhetoric’s “SUB CHOOR HAIN” will help or satisfy the people. A thirsty person needs water, a hungry man needs food, a jobless person needs job, a patient needs medicine at the right time, no one is now going to listen ” AAP NAY GHABRANA NAHI HAI”

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