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Game is over now, nation’s last hope! Pakistan Army

Shama Munshi : The writer is the Author of the concept of terrorism in post cold war era.

Prime Minister Imran Khan’s egoistic nature, immature political attitude like of an opposition leader on container and slang language against his political rivals has kept the country into political jolts, severe crises and doldrums of uncertainty but unfortunately he doesn’t want to learn anything out of the addiction of absolute power. The continuous political victimization of the political opponents via NAB, FIA and all infuriated all Pakistan’s opposition parties and they decided to join hands together to help nation get rid of the worst premier of Pakistan, his incompetency, corruption and mismanagement. Drastic political events and developments occurred on the political front of Pakistan in the last two weeks.
No-confidence motion is submitted in the National Assembly against PM Imran Khan. As comes around, goes around. Imran Khan tried to drag the security establishment into a political game of no confidence against him by seeking their support but when the military establishment refused to get involved and DG ISPR Major General Babar, clarified it explicitly that “Army has nothing to do with politics. Embattled PM Imran Khan furiously attacked Army and called them “Animals” referring to “military establishment” neutral stance on no trust vote against him and said that only “humans” act according to conscience. The hostile jab at the military signaled an “open war”. PM Imran Khan denounced the military for claiming political neutrality as he swiped “only animals are neutral as Good human beings pick a side and stand with truth. “Animals can’t distinguish between good or bad”.

PM Imran Khan desperately want security establishment to support him in foiling the efforts of opposition to oust his government but his three and half years performance of economic mismanagement, poor governance and failed foreign policy are the main reasons for anticipated ouster of his government and off course establishment can no longer afford the burden of Khan’s poor performance or no delivery in any field. The opposition has gained enough required numbers through government alliance party’s cooperation and PTI dissident members and groups to shunt and topple Khan’s rule.
The growing confidence of opposition and losing strength of government day by day has turned PM Imran Khan quite furious and hysterical who is threatening to use his last “trump card” against the military establishment and frightening them with the claim that he will be more dangerous if “they” force him to step down.
PM Imran Khan is fighting hard for his survival and stooped too low by using third class bizarre language and trying his utmost best to create a constitutional crisis in the country via a presidential ordinance, order or with the help of the speaker National Assembly to delay the no trust motion against him. Imran Khan has even called his supporters to gather outside the D-chowk on the day of voting against him in the Parliament. The opposition has also given the same call as a befitting reply to counter the government’s rogue attempt to attack the state.
Parliamentary form of government in Pakistan has completely collapsed and it has been proved yet once again by the ruckus created by both the PTI government of PM Imran Khan and opposition over the no trust motion issue. Imran Khan though simply has to show required numbers in the parliament to be eligible to run the government instead of illegal mumbo jumbo, threats and abuses.
Imran Khan, his cabinet ministers and his PTI followers known as youthias are responsible for mainstreaming abusive trolling to its political opponents on electronic and social media in the country contrary to Prime Minister’s deceptive claim of founding Riyasat-e-Madina. Imran Khan and his followers ironically introduced “abusive or slang language political culture in Pakistan via harassment and character assassination of even the female media anchorpersons of the country.
Pakistanis last hope and dream of having a “change” with a different political party, PTI with a new face of cricket legend Imran Khan as its head was badly shattered the day he reigned the power in the country. Imran Khan, since the day he had been on the trail of becoming the prime minister, made many tall claims and fake promises by showing masses the dreams of flowing rivers of milk and honey in Pakistan. Imran Khan practically proved to be a disastrous tsunami of incompetency which played havoc with economic infrastructure of the country resulting into inflation, poverty and unemployment. Fraudulent slogans of change and accountability were only deceptive and baseless tools blatantly used to befool the nation and to crush his political opponents.
The last three-and-a-half year’s rule of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) government led by Imran Khan practically destroyed every institute of the country and the worst damage it caused was to surrender the country’s economic control to the IMF and the international money lenders. State Bank of Pakistan’s control is given to IMF via State Bank amendment bill presented and approved (bulldozed) in parliament by PM Imran Khan PTI government to ensure Pakistan’s sixth review of the $6 billion Extended Fund Facility (EFF) gets cleared by the IMF’s Executive regarding the disbursement of the $1-billion tranche despite the resistance and protest of the opposition parties.
The incompetent regime of PM Imran Khan is also considered as the “IMF’s imperialistic takeover” of Pakistan. As part of the package, the IMF installed its own ‘intelligent’ people on key posts in the country. Entire Pakistan is mortgaged to the IMF because of the ruling PTI PM Imran Khan Inability to run the economy. Pakistan’s parks, airports, motorways and highways to get further loans from the IMF on low interest rates. IMF-dictated economic policies under the tenure of incompetent PM causing continuous inflation and bringing mini-budgets to meet IMF’s demands, massive corruption and unemployment in the country and the entire government machinery seems least bothered about the miseries and burden of the common man of the country.

Imran Khan government secretly agreed to the IMF’s condition to secure loans that caused the historic devaluation of the country’s currency. PM deliberately devalued national currency Rupee by over 62 per cent without the country fighting any war or undergoing any emergency to appease his white masters of IMF.
PM Imran Khan’s government had shared full details of CPEC loans with the IMF. The International Monetary Fund resident representative in Islamabad Teresa Daban Sanchez, claimed that the IMF had full access to borrowing and maturity terms of the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) projects. PM Imran Khan sabotaged CPEC, the real and only game changer for Pakistan.
The PTI regime of PM Imran Khan helped the IMF in maintaining the vicious circle of debt for Pakistan as the IMF wants Pakistan to pursue certain geopolitical or geostrategic interests instead of economic reforms.
Imran Khan’s PTI government has enhanced the country’s debts to the tune of 70 per cent amounting to Rs20.7 trillion. Inflation shot up to 19.5pc. The PTI government is responsible for record loans, unbridled inflation and price hike, unemployment and crises in over three year.
During the three and half years of PM Imran Khan rule, Pakistan could not be taken out of the grey list of the FATF like world’s poorest countries such as Cambodia, Ghana and Zimbabwe, though in the past government’s rule the same Pakistan had secured the status of GSP-Plus from the European Union for economic benefits to the country.
Imran Khan’s government policies are so shallow and aren’t based on any foundational principles which renders it vulnerable to external pressure, and hence can’t be defended from any perspective by a sane voice of the country.
Imran Khan always has always attacked political rivals PMLN, PPP and JUI as thieves, looters, dacoits but interestingly corruption and money laundering are the ‘most important issues faced by Pakistan during Khan’s regime. Panama, Pandora and the story of Swiss accounts are enough to reveal that Imran Khan and his PTI cabinet members and his influential party members blatantly commits all those sins, financial corruption and crimes for which they shamelessly malign, condemn and allege their political opponents . Transparency International has ranked Pakistan 140th out of 180 countries in its latest Corruption Perceptions Index report blowing away PM Imran Khan’s claim of eradicating corruption from the country. Though, before coming into power PM Khan used to refer to the Transparency International report as evidence to malign his political opponents. Sugar scandal, wheat scandal, fuel scandal, medicine, Aleema Khan monetary scandal, BRT Peshawar project scandal, Coronavirus funds scandal, Imran Khan’s gifted watch scandal, notorious PTI-foreign funding case, Broadsheet scandal, one billion trees scandal and what not. Indeed, the PTI government has created scandals in every sector.
PM Imran Khan compromised Kashmir cause during his visit to the USA with his meeting with President Donald Trump and had said after meeting for US president Donald that he had won a World Cup. The same day of his meeting with US president the Indian PM Narendera Modi abrogated Article 370 to abolish the special status of Illegal Indian Occupied Jammu and Kashmir (IIOJK), the initiative which India could not have dare to take in last 72 years of the independence of subcontinent India and Pakistan. Due to PM Imran Khan’s Modi’s appeasement policy, Pakistan favored and voted India in United Nation to become a member of Security Council.PM Imran Khan and his PTI passed bill in the parliament to help release Indian spy KulbushanJadhav as well as to appeal against death sentence.PM Imran Khan released Indian pilot Indian Pilot Wing Commander AbhinandanVarthaman who violated Pakistan’s Air space in February 2019.

Due to the failed foreign policy of PM Imran Khan, the country today is standing isolated on the international front. Saudi Arabia, China, Europe, Britain, USA and all other countries of the world have turned annoyed due to toxic, insane and immature statements and policies of PM Khan which just brings immense embarrassment to the country.
Looking at the failed performance of PM Imran Khan and over dozen of MNAs supporting the opposition, PM has lost the majority to rule the country on moral ground as he has lost command of the trust of the house. Government’s ship is sinking deeper day by day thus use of force, brutal use of state machinery, threats of dire consequences, invading and maligning political opponents , surveillance of parliamentarians to legal counting, verbal attacks on military establishment will not change the writing of the wall. The only way out of the incumbent political crisis is the gracious exit of Imran Khan through resignation. Game is over for him.

Instead of pushing the country towards bloodshed, anarchy and civil wall he should graciously step down realizing that no -confidence motion is a democratic right of the democratic set up of any country. Imran Khan just can’t negate the opposition’s right of moving, no confidence in him, it’s their constitutional right which they can’t be deprived of. Pakistan need no more laboratory to further test an incompetent breed like PM Imran Khan. Time to wrap the disgusting game. The fascist period of PM Imran Khan will always be termed as the “black era” in the political history of Pakistan. The more he gets stuck with power the more disgrace he shall earn as he is completely exposed before the entire nation.
I just salute the wisdom, farsightedness, resilience and restraint being shown by ‘Military establishment” who are just “Neutral” and don’t want to be the part of this fascist game and call of anarchy and chaos by the government who is mocking the constitutional values of the country. I personally will more welcome Martial Law, a national or technocratic form of government for the country for next 10 years. Nation desperately looking at the Army as a last hope or resort of rescue of the country. I hope sanity will prevail and PM Imran Khan will stop playing with the fire for the sake of the integrity of the country.

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