PM have all options to save the govt: Imran Ismail

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KARACHI: Prime Minister Imran Khan has all options to save his government and predicted the ‘Governor rule’ in all provinces stated by Honorable Governor Sindh, Imran Ismail during the media talks when he attended the ‘CEO Summit Asia ‘as Chief Guest at a local hotel, here Friday. He was sharing his thoughtful insights on present political scenario and the vote of no-confidence situation.
Earlier Welcome Address was delivered by Ijaz Nisar President CEO Club Pakistan & Management House, while the first session Key Note speeches delivered by Arif Habib Chairman & CEO Arif Habib Corporation, Sirajuddin Aziz Habib Bank AG Zurich, Muhammad Ali Taba, Dr. Shamshad Akhtar Chairperson Pakistan Stock Exchange & Sui Southern Gas Company, Dr. Ishrat Hussain former Advisor to Prime Minister on Institutional Reforms & Austerity of Pakistan.
One of the thought provoking keynote speeches on the present situation, titled ‘Pakistan at Crossroad – A way forward’, was delivered by Ikram Sehgal, Chairman Pathfinder Group who elaborated that growth is not possible because institutions are simply avoiding doing their job. Every financial institution the buck must stop at the hierarchy, has anyone been held responsible? That Pakistan has been on the FATF black/grey list for years because of this negligence to hold people accountable. And despite the public counting of how many FATF points have already been done away with, “fake accounts” and money laundering is certainly one reason why Pakistan has been kept on the list recently. Incidentally western countries applying the FATF on us are also rank hypocrites, they look the other way at the tainted money flowing into their accounts.
Commenting on Pakistan’s banking system; He said that how is it possible to have fake accounts in a bank without connivance of bank officials up the line? What has the SBP done to prevent this and to punish the banks and the conniving bankers hiding money in fake accounts, which are used to prevent taxation or/and to help get the money out of the country?”
Hypocrisy on prevalent corruption is on a grand scale becoming the basis of our politics. Parliament, the government and its institutions resulting in the downfall of the nation. The same vote buying is the basis of our democratic practice, he concluded.
The Growth in Challenging Times – The Path to Prosperity session, Former Chairman Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) discussed the bad shape of current economy and said that Pakistan is the only nuclear power who availing 21 IMF program. Why are all the key sectors making windfall profits like cement, textiles, steel, banking, oil and gas, etc. There is inflation, the price hike of consumer items, mainly food items have become is too much for the common man.
There is no economic plan introduced by any government after 1971 and he pointed out wrong Energy decisions, re-examining CPEC and unlimited National Defense Expenditure. He stressed on the need to increase the female labor force more than 20 5 to enhance industrial production.
Syed Mustafa Kamal, Founder and Chairman Pak Sarzameen Party addressed as the Guest of Honor and highlighted the corrupt practices in education department that after spending Rs23 billion in 13 years there are still 7 million children who are not going to school in Sindh Province.
He said the Chief Minister is unfortunately hampered by the shenanigans of the leaders of his party whose greed has no bounds. If there is lack of good governance in Sindh, will the powers that be so complacent and naïve in allowing a similar situation in Islamabad. That is not hypocrisy alone that is disloyalty to the State.
At last, he stressed on the need for establishing Local Government system because leadership evolves from here that cannot be seen in this country that’s why we are facing the scarcity of leaders who are Public elected representatives. Present Government is allocated Rs.90 millions development fund to each MNA, Is it this the job of Legislator? he concluded.
The Conference was followed by an award ceremony and attended by dynamic CEOs including Shohaib Javed Hussain Chairman State Life Corporation of Pakistan, Samina Faisal Country Head JS Investments, Zeeshan Z. Habib CEO Mehran Bottles (Pvt) Ltd. Imran Maniar MD SSGC, Mohammad Shoaib CEO Al-Meezan Investment Management Ltd, Dr Mirza Ikhtiar Baig Chairman Baig Group, Syed Amir Ali CEO/President Bank Islami Pakistan, Imran Samad CEO Sindh Bank, Farid Alam CEO AKD Securities Pvt. Ltd. Sultan Siddiqui Founder HUM Network Ltd.

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