Ghazi Ertugrul and Pakistani society

As long as we follow the path of Allah, no one can defeat us – Ghazi Ertugrul. The popular drama Ghazi Ertugrul, which has been seen in more than 60 countries in the Middle East, Central Asia, South America and South Africa, is now being shown on Pakistan’s national television PTV at the behest of Prime Minister Imran Khan. The play tells the story of the existence of the Ottoman Empire (which ruled the Muslim world for 600 years) and depicts Islamic history, culture and traditions. There is no serial in history which is based on the history of Muslims and which has received so much acceptance. This drama has started reaching heights in Pakistan as well.
Whether it is social media or a party, the language of the people is being eroded, people are not only posting pictures of the drama and its characters on their profiles but are also being influenced by them. The time is not far away when we will find Turkish clothing and decorating items in the market. ?
There are two types of audiences in the world. One is those who watch any movie or drama just for fun and get back to their daily lives.
Others, if they watch any movie or drama, look for lessons and purpose in it and these searches are not limited to the search only but also make the lessons learned from it a part of their life. Pakistan is one of the countries in the world which is on the path of development and if compared, the secret of the success of the developing countries is not only national thinking, honest people, good socio-economic relations and eradication of poverty but also self-knowledge. , Based on the education and training of ancestors, hard work, their historical values, traditions, culture, principles, beliefs and law and justice.
All of these things can only be learned from one’s own national and religious history, and there are many ways to read history, including reading books and inspiring stories, visiting museums, visiting historical sites, attending cultural events, This includes studying the history of our ancestors and watching movies based on history. In the current age of tick-tock where we are living a life of pleasure and forgetting the real world, we have left our national and religious history far behind, which is why today not only on Muslims but also on Pakistan. There is a shadow of dark clouds.Now let’s see if we just enjoy this play Ghazi Ertugrul like we get entertainment from Hollywood or Bollywood movies and dramas or we will understand its purpose or lesson and if there is any lesson then this What effect will this have on our lives?
While this drama is gaining a lot of popularity, it is also becoming a target of criticism. Many other countries, including Arab countries, have banned the play, and even the Egyptian Fatwa Union has issued a fatwa banning the play. Many people in Pakistan are also criticizing it and it is being said that if history is to be read then books should be resorted to and drama should be seen as just a drama.
There is also a need to understand that Pakistan is one of the countries in the world where 70% of the population does not have access to books. People here do not even read religious books, so reading books on Islamic history is a long way off. In today’s world where Hollywood and Bollywood movies and series are watched day and night, isn’t it better to watch movies or series based on our Islamic history? Where children have Hero Avengers, Batman or Spiderman in their minds, if their heroes become Tipu Sultan, Tariq bin Ziad, Muhammad bin Qasim, Ghazi Ertugrul or Usman bin Ertugrul, isn’t that right? Do you know that watching these dramas will create a desire in people to know and read Islamic history and it is quite possible that the forgotten historical culture and traditions will be revived.
I have seen a lot of dramas but I have never seen them in Pakistani dramas as Islamic values are spoken in Turkish dramas. After Ghazi Ertugrul, another Turkish drama will also be an adornment of Pakistani television called Darvish Younis. Darvish Younis was a famous Turkish Sufi poet. The purpose of airing these dramas is nothing but to remind the Pakistani people of the historical quest and hard work of Muslims. Finally some famous dialogues of the play: ‘The most powerful conqueror on earth is justice, we have all come from God and we have to return to Him, those who are on the path of truth Allah never leaves them alone Ghazi Ertugrul.

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