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Hazara University seminar on 10-year CPEC achievements

MANSEHRA: The Department of Pakistan Studies, Hazara University, Mansehra organized a seminar, highlighting the 10-year achievements of The China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) and updates on the ongoing development work and future targets under the project, says a Press release.
Dr. Talat Shabbir, Director, China Study Centre, Institute of Strategic Studies, Islamabad was the chief guest on the occasion. Addressing the participants of the seminar, he said that CPEC is part of China’s Belt-Road Initiative project which will connect China with the different regions through land and sea.
He further said that under the umbrella of CPEC, investment is being made in Gwadar port along with the establishment and strengthening of energy sector, infrastructure and industries in Pakistan. He further said that it has been 10 years since CPEC was launched in Pakistan and during this time Pakistan-China bilateral trade has increased by 60% and Pakistani youth have got 236,000 jobs in various sectors.
Dr. Talat Shabbir further said that nature has given a historic opportunity to Pakistan in the form of CPEC, using which we can take Pakistan towards economic self-sufficiency. He further said that the CPEC project is not only a guarantee of Pakistan’s economic prosperity, but its completion will connect Pakistan with other countries of the region through sea and land routes.
Dr. Talat Shabbir said that political stability and satisfactory law & order situation including continuity of policies and investors’ confidence is necessary for the project for which efforts are being made at the government level. He said that China has shown the best strategy and patience by protecting itself from the global crisis and border disputes and in a short period of time has succeeded in lifting its people out of poverty and by adopting this Chinese model, we can lay the foundation of sustainable economic development in Pakistan.
Dr. Talat appreciated the efforts of Ayesha Alam and said that the Department of Pakistan Studies has developed excellent relations with the Chinese Embassy in Islamabad, which is a manifestation of the close cooperation between the two countries in the field of higher education.
Earlier, Ayesha Alam, Head of Pakistan Studies, thanked Dr. Talat Shabbir for coming to the university and addressing the students. During Q&A session, students questioned Dr. Talat Shabbir about CPEC and various related issues. The seminar was attended by faculty members and administrative officers including university students.