Historical event of international tape ball cricket to start on June 20 in City

Iqbal Jamil

KARACHI: First time in the history of Pakistan international tape ball cricket will be played here in Karachi where world’s most famous teams including India, America, Canada, Australia, UAE, Oman, Saudi Arabia and England are said to participate.
Tournament Director Jawaid Ali said, “This is the first time we are making arrangements for the event, it will start on June 20 in Karachi. As talks with the teams continue, it is being decided to play the matches at night. India has responded positively and without objection, it has received visas to visit Pakistan, so the arrival of Indian tape ball team is undeniable.”
President of US Tape Ball Association Novad Essi and vice president Amir Siddiqui are pleased to attend the league.
“Playing cricket in Pakistan will be beneficial for American cricket, same way Australia, England and Canada are excited to play tape ball cricket league in Pakistan. If they do join us this will become the most historic international league,” Jawaid said.
Prize money for the winning team is Rs.50 Lac and for runners up Rs.30 lakh. Matches will be held in Eidgah cricket ground in Nazimabad where T20 cricket is being played for 40 years. This was the ground where T20 format got started and the same would happen with tape ball cricket.
According to Jawaid, he had organized many tape ball tournaments this international tournament will be live telecasted by Geo Super.

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