Home to Rome: A shadow of Riyasat-e-Madina in Italy

I know that The Riyasat-e-Madina was an actual state of justice, and corruption free in the whole world. In addition, the state was the responsible for the people living into the state. There was only a strong judiciary system for all. It was the duty of the state to help the needy people and give them relief from any form of injustice or other stuff(s).
The current Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan’s slogan of Riyasat-e-Madina is looking like just a slogan or lollypop to make a room in the heartsof people of the country. In addition, for last 72 years, many politicians have ruled over, and none of them used such a sentimental slogan of Riyasat-e-Madina, even though religious political parties have their own unique slogan to win the elections, none of them have used this slogan to win the hearts of the people before. First time in the history of Pakistan, Imran Khan launched this slogan and won the elections after the hard work of 22 years.
He is an elected prime minister of Pakistan for last two years, and the poor people of the country are not satisfied for his even single act, or schemes he launched towards them. There is corruption, inflation, and injustice in the country is at the peak. Justice delays means justice denied. Only one Imran Khan is not enough with this unique slogan of Riyasat-e-Madina, rest of the populations is also requested to help him to make his dream true.
As much as I have studied the State of Madina, I can say that here in Italy or rest of the European world, you can see that State more or less in the real meanings. Here, I am going through to analyse this theory with my own or self-set paradigms.
Recently, I had an accident on July 10th this year. I have many experiences during this time. When I had the accident, I had been rescued in the real time frame, and the state provided me the best possible treatment(s) at first aid reception centre. Then they referred me to the specialist orthopaedic hospital in Milan. As I had mentioned in my previous article about that hospital and their best services towards the patients.
After spending twenty-two days at that hospital, one day I asked a doctor at GeatanoPini hospital, that I don’t have such type of toilets and bathroom in my apartment and living with friends, in addition, I told him about my food and other daily activities. He smiled and replied, don’t worry HUSSAIN, we have a very strong social system and we will send you there. Keeping in mind that I am writing this article while thinking about The State of Holy Madina, where there is no corruption, inflation, or social injustice.
An ambulance transported me at the Nursing Home here at Via Antonio Mambretti, Milan. It is a post-acute care centre for homeless and elderly people. It is a twenty bed semi-hospital. Here I welcomed warmheartedly by the staff, and they asked me about each and every thing. Even though here they provided me a “Pumice Stone Feet care scraper,” to remove the dead skin from my foot/heel.
There is a van at this post-acute centre to transport the patients to the hospitals or any other places where they have any appointment(s). Moreover, private cabs/taxis are always available for the urgent issues. Two three times I used the taxi service, but I realised that it is too costly and then for the rest, I used public transport. Doctor Bianca, strictly advised me to use taxi rather than public transport, because public transport is not secure for me while having external fixator on myleg.
The food being served here is outstanding, hygienic and served in multi-courses. Here in Italy, there are some corrupt people as well, and I personally observed in renowned private institutes, but other’s hand here is a very strong judicial and socioeconomic system as well…
Here at this post-acute care centre, the staff including: Sara, Tosca, Antonio, Alessia, Francesca, Giulia, Omer, Marco, Victor, Elena, Dr.Revesto, Dr. Bianca, Dr. Giulia, Glenny, Gabriele, Andres, Andrea, Mohammad, Agnese, Clelia, and Piera are working for this Post-acute centre, and provides the best possible services. I hope this is the last month of my stay here, because my external fixator will be removed in November, and then I will go to my bedsit.
Italy is not an Islamic state, or runs by religious clerics, but they implemented the best rules/laws in the interest of the public. Here girls used Motorways and Highways, day and night without any fear of being raped. It’s the duty of the state to protect thepublic and their assets. In such states, animals have their rights. But I am worried and concerned about the countries where there is no human rights.

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