Mastering the art of multitasking

Multiple tasking is to do several things at a time. In other words, it is the ability of a person to cheerfully and successfully perform vital personal, social and official tasks all in one go together. Challenging? Isn’t it!
Honestly and humbly speaking one is “beautifully confused” or living in a fool’s paradise” or delving deep into troubles and agonies if one has not learnt or does not have the willingness to learn the marvels of multitasking. One is making a mockery of oneself if one yells at a loved one “Stop it. I am on a business call”.
True, important is a client’s call. But vital can be a personal obligation. It is a litmus test of clinching marvelously both urgent and important business and personal tasks in “spur of the moment” calm and composed way. It is a hard fact of our fast- paced life to accept and absorb initially but disastrous to ignore and shelve permanently.
How amazing and inspiring it is for a Corporate Secretary to be cheered and clapped right in the middle of the Management Committee meeting for his or her hectic coordination and meticulous minutes yet seeking excuse for washroom and catering to unavoidable family/social call!
What a remarkable model of time and priorities management blended with the indispensable multi-tasking from a PR Manager of a Foreign Mission. Assigned to escort a high-level dignitary to Ambassador’s office, instructed to coordinate an advance MoU press release, wife calling as son falling and bruising and farewell lunch for a migrating friend.
First, PR Manager delegates entrance post, receptionist and his assistant to inform on the dignitary’s arrival to be escorted by him to the Ambassador’s office. Secondly, he requested concerned department to send basic and background information on the Press Release. Thirdly, he escorted the distinguished guest in and out with due protocol and sought permission from his boss to attend to his bruised child. Fourthly, on way back to office he squeezed time for his friend’s farewell lunch. Fifthly, he was all set in the afternoon to draft and send the instructed press release to media with successful outcome. Three cheers time management and multitasking!
Slowly but surely It becomes a way of life if one is learning to accustom to or acclimatize with multitasking. As such, today’s life is a question of unavoidable and unpredictable problems and pressures and blessed is one with the mindset of multitasking with smiles and cheers towards a better and brighter life.

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