Horrific wedding blast

The huge blast, which took place on Saturday night in west Kabul, underlines the incompetence of Afghanistan’s security forces and the massive problem faces as Washington and the Taliban finalize a deal to lessen the US military presence in Afghanistan and optimistically establish a plan of action to a ceasefire. Pakistan criticized the violent attack on innocent civilians. Interior ministry spokesman said a suicide bomber carried out the attack, with at least 63 people killed and 182 injured. Also among the wounded were women and children. The wedding guests were dancing and celebrating the party when the blast occurred. The wedding consisted of largely a gathering of Shias, who are targeted many times in Afghanistan, specifically by the militant Islamic State group. The group’s Afghan affiliate claimed responsibility for the blast. The attack sent a wave of grief throughout Afghanistan. President Ashraf Ghani called it “barbaric”, while Afghanistan’s chief executive Abdullah Abdullah described it as a “crime against humanity”. As a sign of mourning, Ghani deferred celebrations which were scheduled for Monday to mark 100 years of Afghan independence from Britain. The police and army as usual claim they hinder most bombings with regularity. On July 28, about 20 people were killed when attackers targeted Ghani’s racing mate Amrullah Saleh during presidential election campaigning. The potential deal between the US and the Taliban that would observe Washington begin to withdraw its approximately 14,000 soldiers from Afghanistan. Different US origins suggested in recent days that an agreement could be forthcoming, but some hurdles remain to be tackled. US peace envoy Zalmay Khalilzad, who criticized the atrocious attack on the wedding party, could return to the region in the coming days to continue or even finalize the negotiations. The deal relies on Taliban guarantees they will stop jihadist groups such as Al Qaeda and IS from using Afghanistan as a sanctuary
The bridegroom whose wedding was targeted by a suicide bomber in the Afghan capital Kabul says that he has missed all hope after the dastardly attack. He said his bride survived but his brother and other relatives were among the 63 people killed in Saturday’s attack. The Islamic State group has admitted carrying out the bombing, which also wounded more than 180. He accused the Taliban for providing a stage to terrorists. The Taliban, who are engaged in peace talks with the US, criticized the attack. Afghan president promised to revenge loss of civilian lives after suicide attack by ISIL. Afghanistan citizens comfort each other as they mourn during the funeral of their relatives after a suicide bomb blast at a wedding in Kabul. Approximately 182 others were wounded in the attack, with women and children among the casualties. The recent attack came as the Taliban and the United States are vigorously trying to negotiate an agreement on the withdrawal of US forces in exchange for a Taliban promise on security and peace talks with Afghanistan’s US-backed government. President Ghani had come to reopening the palace and there were going to be fireworks and a concert and it was going to be on national television. Ghani called on people in Pakistan to help identify the ISIL safe havens there. Noting the significance of Independence Day Ghani asked the US to leave Afghanistan to the Afghans. Approximately 32,000 civilians in Afghanistan have been killed in the past several years the United Nations earlier this year. More children were killed past year that is 927 than in any other over the past years. The bride’s father told Afghan media that 14 members of his family had died in the attack. In spite of the ongoing talks to try and end the 18-year US war, civilians across Afghanistan stay to withstand a huge toll. An IS statement stated that one of its fighters blew himself up at a huge gathering while others detonated a parked explosives-laden vehicle when emergency vans arrived. The attack took place in a district populated mainly by Shia Muslims. Floor of the wedding hall was covered in blood after the explosion. Afghanistan and US representatives have been holding talks in Qatar’s capital, Doha, and both sides have reported achievements.US President Donald Trump told reporters in New Jersey that the negotiations were going well. The Taliban now control more territory than at any point since they were forced from power in 2001.
Just by the norms of Afghanistan, where several civilians are killed every day in a long war that is observed is out of control; the attack on Saturday night was a blow. Also astonishing one bomber could finish at least 63 lives, wound at least 200, and disfigure thousands of others for life. The Taliban wage the large number of the insurgent violence, the Islamic State group is no ally of the Taliban. It has also established a tiny but obstinate launching pad in Afghanistan and has asserted responsibility for many dreadful explosions. This savage war has turned this land into a blood bath place where nowhere is secure.

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