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HPS and HFP hold Conference to mark World Health Day

KARACHI: Sadia Rashid, President Hamdard Foundation Pakistan has said that every sound and action carries weight, thus raising awareness about the nature of each issue stands as the initial stride towards its eradication. Across the globe, people encounter health challenges. Only with collective efforts, we can overcome these challenges, she added, says a Press release.
She was addressing the 32nd international Children Health Conference, held online under the aegis of Hamdard Public School Karachi and Hamdard Foundation Pakistan on the topic of “My health, my right” on the occasion of World Health Day which is being celebration Sunday (today).
The conference was presided over by Dr. Luo Dapeng, World Health Organization (WHO) representative in Pakistan. Prof. Dr Raza-ur-Rehman, Dean of Faculty at Hamdard University attended the conference as chief guest. Dr. Sara Salman Zuberi, Head, WHO Sub-Office, Sindh was the guest of honour.
She further said for the past 32 years, Hamdard Foundation Pakistan has consistently hosted the International Children Conference annually. This initiative was inaugurated by Shaheed Hakim Mohammed Said to foster the mental and intellectual growth of youth, equipping them for forthcoming challenges. Guided by his vision, Hamdard Pakistan remains dedicated to advancing health and education in the country. Health constitutes a fundamental entitlement for every individual.
Dr. Luo Dapeng in his presidential address said that every year, the World Health Organization (WHO) sheds light on various medical challenges
confronting the global community. This year’s theme aims to globally advocate for the significance and benefits of prioritizing individual health. World Health Day, observed annually on April 7th, is an occasion for the WHO to enhance public awareness regarding human health and foster endeavors toward establishing healthier environments for populations worldwide.
The WHO manifesto underscores the organization’s commitment to safeguarding human health and advancing global health initiatives. It emphasizes the initial strides made in healthcare and hygiene globally. Furthermore, it stresses the imperative of recognizing health risks stemming from environmental changes and pollution, urging the younger generation to address environmental concerns. The commendable efforts of the Hamdard Foundation Pakistan in Pakistan’s healthcare and education sectors are noteworthy. It is envisaged that young people will assume a pivotal role in disseminating awareness within their communities through this platform.
Dr. Luo commended the speeches delivered by young speakers at the conference and congratulated Sadia Rashid on holding such wonderful Conference.
Dr. Raza-ur-Rahman said that mental health often lacks the attention in health discussions it deserves, but these young speakers’ focus on mental wellbeing was commendable. The interconnectedness of our body, thoughts, mind, society, and environment, and added that negative societal influences can detrimentally effect on health. Thus, as a nation, comprehensive measures must be implemented to enhance our overall wellbeing. He commended the children’s speeches, highlighting that the conference transcends mere gathering or showcasing of talent; rather, it provides a platform for free discourse on specific topics. Participation in such conferences bolsters children’s confidence and enriches their personalities.
Sara Salman Zuberi said that Shaheed Hakim Mohammed Said established several distinctive traditions, which the Hamdard organization continues to uphold. One significant tradition is the hosting of the International Health Conference aligned with the theme designated by the World Health Organization on World Health Day. Pakistan’s efforts to advance health have garnered appreciation from the World Health Organization. Sadia Rashid has gracefully maintained this cherished tradition of Shaheed Hakim Mohammed Said, organizing the conference each year on World Health Day with utmost dignity.
During the conference, young delegates delivered informative speeches and shared insightful perspectives on the topic at hand. Representing Pakistan, the United States of America, Australia, Afghanistan, and Sri Lanka, they contributed to the discussion. Young speakers emphasized the significance of cultivating a culture of integrity and raised concerns about the presence of the polio-virus in Pakistan and Afghanistan, despite its eradication elsewhere worldwide. A delegate from Afghanistan urged Pakistan to invest in the healthcare sector in Afghanistan.

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