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Laylat al-Qadr is a night better than thousand months: Sadia

KARACHI: The President of Hamdard Foundation Sadia Rashid, in her message on the auspicious 27th of Ramazan said that let us reflect upon profound significance of the day in our history and collective consciousness. This blessed night marks the revelation of the Holy Quran, a divine guidance bestowed upon humanity, illuminating our path towards righteousness and spiritual enlightenment, says a Press release.
For the Muslim Ummah, the 27th of Ramazan holds dual significance: the revelation of the Quran and Laylat al-Qadr, a night better than a thousand months, symbolizing the rule of Allah’s law and the blessings it brings. The establishment of Pakistan on this sacred night is a testament to divine purpose, affirming our nation’s destiny to endure and thrive.
Shaheed Hakim Mohammed Said, the visionary founder of Hamdard Pakistan, advocated for observing the 27th of Ramazan as Independence Day, recognizing its spiritual and patriotic resonance. Today, we honour his legacy by commemorating this day with fervor and gratitude, acknowledging Allah’s blessings and our commitment to Pakistan’s growth.
In light of the challenges facing our nation, let us unite in prayer and repentance. On this blessed night, let us seek Allah’s mercy and forgiveness.
Since 1973, Hamdard Pakistan and its subsidiaries have celebrated this day with religious and national fervor, inspired by Shaheed Hakim Mohammed Said’s vision. Let us reaffirm our commitment to Allah’s decrees and contribute wholeheartedly to Pakistan’s progress, guided by faith and gratitude. May Allah grant us strength and wisdom to overcome adversity and uphold the honour of our beloved nation. Ameen!

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