Hub Dam water level rises to 328 feet

KARACHI: The water level in Hub Dam has been on the rise with ongoing spells of rains in Sindh and Balochistan and reached 328 feet on Sunday.
A spokesperson of Karachi Water Board has said that the water level in Hub Dam has risen to 328 feet presently. The spillway of the reservoir will be opened after an inflow of 11 feet more water in the dam.
The inflow of the water in the dam from the catchment area has been continued and it could meet the water requirement of Karachi for next 18 months. The catchment area of Hub River is spread over hundreds of kilometers in Balochistan and Sindh.
Recent rainfall in the catchment area of the Hub River has increased inflow to the reservoir as the water graph soared to 328 ft, with the dam having the capacity to store a maximum of 339 feet of water. The increasing water level in the dam will improve the water supply in District West of Karachi, which receives water supply from Hub reservoir.
Karachi gets 100-million gallon water daily from Hub Dam. Owing to the low water supply from the dam, many areas in the West and Central districts of Karachi face acute water shortage.
The Hub Dam, located 56 km from Karachi, is extended to 24,300 acres with a gross storage capacity of 8,57,000 acre-feet water. – TLTP

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