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Hyderabad’s historical manuscript to grace Royal Gate of Pakka Qila

HYDERABAD: The historical manuscript, foundation stone of Hyderabad, will be installed on the royal gate of the completed fortress. The manuscript is currently undergoing complete preservation treatment, and a briefing was given to the head of Azadar Rabita Committee Hyderabad by Assistant Director Archaeology, says a Press release.
During the construction period, the historical manuscript of Hyderabad city’s foundation stone couldn’t be placed at its original location; therefore, it was removed. Now, within 20 to 25 days, it will be installed at its original location on the Royal Gate of the completed fortress.
Assistant Director Archaeology Sindho Chandio briefed Zawaar Abdul Sattar Dars on this situation by contacting the Azadar Rabita Committee Hyderabad at the Archaeology Office in Pakka Qila Hyderabad.
A special meeting was held with Zawaar Abdul Sattar Dars, head of the committee, to address the concerns regarding the reconstruction of the royal gate of Pakka Qila Hyderabad, and other related conservation measures.
Zaawaar Abdul Sattar Dars not only inspected the historical manuscript but also ensured that it is completely secure in our custody, which, after necessary preservation treatment, will be installed at its original place in the Mehrab of the royal gate of Pakka Qila within 20 to 25 days. On the day the manuscript is installed in the royal gate, you can also be present there to witness the installation process.
Detailed discussions were also held regarding developmental work on the protective faceted site of Pakka Qila and making the site secure. The formation of this important and special meeting took place due to the efforts of Ruknuddin, also known as Zawar Muhammad Ali Qureshi, the focal person for heritage buildings in Hyderabad District.