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Nation’s determination to fight back: 8 Feb elections

Elections in Pakistan are held as per Constitution of Pakistan after 5 years.But Feb 8 elections are perhaps the only elections of Pakistan that has not been held as per constitution because the government disregarded the
instructions of the Supreme Court of Pakistan to hold elections in 90 days period stipulated in the constitution of Pakistan. The caretaker government and the provincial governments also staying beyond 90 days a saga.Surprisingly with such grave violations of constitution of Islamic Republic of Pakistan Supreme Court also remained silent due to internal rift. This is also a part of history wherein the most
popular party of the country PTI was denied free fair and transparent treatment. It is alleged that it was part of London Plan agreed between Nawaz Sharif and power that be .NS return to Pakistan was subject to all his cases t
withdrawn and PTI chairman and party made ineffective to lose elections. But Allah has His own ways of rewarding the oppressed.The scene was all set and on D Day majority of the PTI candidates nomination papers were rejected by the Election Commission of Pakistan until election tribunals set up under judiciary accepted majority of the appeals of candidates of PTI and allowed them to contest the elections. First the election commission and later on Supreme Court rejected holding of intra party elections thus depriving them of their party symbol “bat”, leaving them with only option to contest elections as independents. Life for them was made difficult and miserable, the candidates were arrested on different charges, and those who managed to reach election commission office faced different objections. Each candidate was alloted separate symbol to confuse the voters. The founder of PTI faced over 180 cases and in two cases awarded 3 to 10 years jail respectively. Left over top leaders of the party also faced ordeals. In spite of all these hurdles created against the party and independents theybegged highest votes defeating all other party candidates. This is a unique election in the history of Pakistan where election results were delayed allegedly for changing results of independents and declaring losers the winners. While indulging in this unethical practice the manupulators forgot that basic document of counting votes polled in any polling station are recorded in Form 45 duly signed by the representatives of candidates contesting elections and finally signed by the presiding officers. This is most authentic document which cannot be manipulated. Copy of form 45 is given to all the polling agents of the contesting parties with a copy to Returning officer who compiles the result of the constituency from the basic document Form 45 and prepares Form 47 and submits it to Election Commission of Pakistan. It is alleged that Form 47 were wrongly filled and manipulated in such a way losers were declared winners. In fact the nation voted against status quo. In fact all those returning officers who changed the results should have been arrested tried summarily and dismissed from service with jail terms to make it deterrent for others.
It is no more a secret the entire nation understands and knows how the elections were conducted and results changed that’s why the results have been rejected. This time International media also criticised irregularities committed during elections. Not to surprise of everybody Commissioner Rawalpindi has confessed to rigging by him under his supervision where Rawalpindi Divisions 13 National Assembly candidates, who were losing, were made to win by a margin of up to 70000 votes. After holding press conference he resigned and was arrested as per his request, Unfortunately media has also not played its proper role and failed to come up to the expectations of people in highlighting rigging taking place.
Look at the greatest benefit of this election has brought to Pakistan when a crowd of 230 million people after 75 years was converted in to a nation when they freely voted to their chosen candidate.Mantra of Sindhi, Punjabi,Pathan,Balochi,Saraiki, died its own death. The people voted as Pakistani’s. On the face of it this has been the biggest achievement of any leader and party after the birth of Pakistan making this withered crowd in to one entity and can be termed as rebirth of Pakistan. The nation has proved that they are now determined to change the course of history where Pakistan shall enjoy the fruits of her sacrifices and stand tall with other countries on equal footing. Pakistan is proud of its people and armed forces of Pakistan who are standing shoulder to shoulder to defeat any enemy at any time and shall never compromise on its honour dignity and sovereignty. If there is a will there is a way and these elections became blessings in disguise when the world watched the unity of people of Pakistan when they came out to cast their votes to their favourites.
It is true each and every election carries stigma of rigging and therefore elections held on 8 Feb is no exception. Strange logic is presented in talk shows by leaders of various political parties about rigging by quoting if RTS system in 2018 elections could be disrupted there could be faults in Voting machines in 2024 elections. But rectification of faults should not take more than few hours and not days. However, in view of open confession of Commissioner Rawalpindi about planned rigging needs thorough probe. It is time we all think of Pakistan and nothing else because that is our existence and identity.
In the end I would re emphasise the importance of people’s will and verdict which must be respected. We have wasted decades in polluting our politics. This must stop. All other nations have made choices and moved ahead. If we don’t set our priorities right I am afraid we may lose the last opportunity that we may have to make political amends. Beyond this is only political chaos and anarchy.