ICAP hosts competition of Toastmasters Club

ISLAMABAD: A Joint Toastmasters speech contest was held among seven public speaking clubs in Islamabad. The first ever public speaking competition of Toastmasters Club Area 05 was hosted by ICAP Toastmasters Club Islamabad under the management of the Area Director, TM Malik Muhammad Omair, says a Press release.
Seven clubs i.e. ICMAP toastmasters club, ICAP Toastmasters club, Emumba Toastmasters club, Rawalpindi toastmasters club, Islamabad toastmasters club, Teradata toastmasters club and Peshawar toastmasters club, from Peshawar, Islamabad and Rawalpindi had participated in the competition.
The panel of nine judges, from various clubs, was led by DTM Zunair Zafar, CFO LUMS, who had tough time in evaluating the seven amazing specches. We were graced with the presence of Rehan Laiq, Group CFO of leading conglomerate Fauji Foundation, Dr Arshad Ex-director HEC, Imtiaz Rastgar, the founder and Chair of Rastgar Group and Jahanzeb Amin, partner of A.F. Ferguson & Co and the founding president of ICAP Toastmasters Club.
The Chief Guest, Rehan Laiq, stressed on the importance of knowledge and encouraged the members to keep on learning, growing and being mindful of latest developments. He encouraged the members to practice public speaking skills to boost confidence, to think critically, and to improve communication skills.
The meeting drew a full house of avid listeners and toastmasters who returned home enriched with quality speeches. The Speech Contest saw a series of quality speeches with powerful take homes for the audience. The seven contestants who participated from each club were TM Nimra Tariq, TM Akash Kumar, TM Rabia, TM Athar Ahmad, TM Muhammad Ilyas, TM Farhan Ali, and TM Muhammad Adnan Nasir. TM Mahroze Aziz, being the contest chair, set the flow of various segments throughout the program through her powerful and energetic delivery.
TM Farhan Ali from ICMAP Toastmasters club won the contest with the speech titled ‘Light in the darkness’. TM Athar Ahmed’s speech from ICAP Toastmasters club was titled ‘Growth Mindset’ and TM Muhammad Ilyas from CA toastmasters club Peshawar delivered on ‘Father’s relationship’ secured the second and third positions respectively.
Toastmasters International is a nonprofit educational organization that offers a proven education program to help improve the communication and build leadership skills through a worldwide network of clubs. The organization’s membership exceeds 357,000 in more than 16,600 clubs in 143 countries. It encompasses various benefits for its members which could be clearly witnessed during the speech contest.

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