IK must tighten grip on the State

Somehow or the other it has become fashion to criticise establishment and judiciary in all important functions held anywhere in Pakistan. Why it is happening because they do not retaliate and involve themselves in controversaries. Has anybody thought over it why it happens? It has two dimensions firstly internal and secondly external staged by our enemies through their paid agents in Pakistan. Army is custodian of nuclear assets and to reach out these assets the enemy has to weaken the army which stands out at number 10 out of 130 armies of the world. Anti state elements and enemy agents when caught are tried in the courts but at times are set free by the courts only to reappear again for action replay. We don’t have to hold seminar to determine our ratings on justice and corruption. Our corruption index is 124 out of 180 countries. Pakistan ranks lowly 130 out of 139 countries in Rule of Law index 2021. Now coming to corruption, it has become fashion and no one feels bad about indulging in corruption. People of Pakistan are witnessing that more a corrupt person, more respect he enjoys; he is given VVIP treatment escorted by expensive police mobiles while attending and returning from courts. There was a time in Pakistan whenever some one was charged on corruption he would cover his face in shame and was never seen in any gathering but now things have changed. Being most corrupt qualifies him as most distinguished person of the society, because values have changed, everything is weighed in terms of money. No constitution in the world anywhere gives right of speech to absconder declared proclaimed offender to address any meeting at any floor. Unfortunately we interpret everything including law to suit our own convenience. What happened in Lahore on 21- 22 November during Asma Jahangir Conference hung our heads in shame. It all happened in presence of Chief Justice Supreme Court who was criticised by leading lawyer Ali Ahmed Kurd. CJ should have walked off the conference but he decided to sit and respond to his criticism but the damage was done. The nation saw how Nawaz Sharif was allowed to address the conference to which PM responded properly
Prime Minister is justified when he said that corruption is not considered as an evil and thieves are not considered evils. Nations have suffered who did not condemn sins, and if we do not change our attitude it will be disastrous for the country. Out of 220 million people first time in the history of Pakistan one person IK is fighting alone with group of mafias who are controlling Pakistan and can go to any extent. Journey is very tiring because he is facing stiff resistance from all mafias including his own party loyalists. But any determined person shall never surrender and shall continue his struggle to achieve his objectives.
Prime Minister IK struggled for 20 years to become PM of Pakistan to give new vision, new direction and make Nia Pakistan. But failed to pick up good team. He forgot his much trumpeted narrative that he would bring new team of young people but soon realized that this philosophy will not work and he has to include and give preference to electable from other parties. His promise of keeping his cabinet to fewer ministers was shattered when electable and his coalition partners demanded ministries. He had no other option except to accept their demands and forget about the promises and manifesto. The electable from different parties played their role and did not cooperate with PM therefore he failed to bring changes he had planned. He wants next elections to be held in most transparent manner free and fair without usual allegations of rigging. To achieve this objective has introduced Electronic Voting Machine (EVM) that has been rejected by the opposition and ECP and has termed it as first step towards pre pool rigging. Although he managed to get the bills passed in joint session of the parliament but it has been challenged in the Supreme Court. Unfortunately since corruption has become the order of the day therefore it may be difficult to conduct free and fair elections. As we all know NA-133 Lahore bye election was held on 5 December in which PTI candidate had been disqualified on technical grounds leaving the field open for PPP and PML N. The result is out as anticipated PML N has won the elections. There is lot of hue and cry on a video clip being shown on social media where PML N is buying votes and taking oath on Holy Quran by the voters that they shall vote to PML N and each voter is being paid Rs 2000 . ECP has ordered inquiry. Question arises is it something unusual or new to Pakistan? Nothing unusual it has been happening since creation of Pakistan and will not stop as long as existing system is not buried for good. What happened during Senate elections? People sold their vote in millions and having been exposed feel no shame in facing the public at large
The country is passing through most critical times first time in the history of Pakistan. It was very unfortunate to see the writ of state being challenged and state accepting the demands of extremist party. What happened in Sialkot last week shows the extent of radicalisation of society. Not first time it has been happening in the past but no one was punished due to compromises. Somehow or the other we are losing grip day by day and control on extremists looks to be difficult. We must address the issue make necessary amendment in the laws that should cover the same punishment to those who falsely implicate innocent people in the name of faith. Prime Minister is always keen to address the nation to preach harmony and himself carries Tasbeeh.It is good that all ulemas got together and condemned the Sialkot incident it is time to give highest priority to obtain consensus and build national narrative by making suitable amendments so that such acts are not repeated in future.

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