Impact of COVID-19 on world’s nations

Syed Mir Moeed Ali

In humans the first case of COVID-19 officially reported from the Wuhan City of China in December 2019. Some investigations by Chinese Authorities showed that initially the spread of virus is started from the market of Wuhan City and most of the cases were the owners of shops, daily visitors and venders. It is proved by the environmental samples from Wuhan’s market and it is evident that this market was the source of spreading this outbreak throughout the world that’s why the market has been closed on January 2020.
As China was the main source of spreading the COVID-19 all over the world. This fact also impacted the US-China those relations which was very crucial for the world. The difference in the relations between China and US are not the same after this pandemic, it is disturbed in terms of opinion of public, trade and economy. The people from China and U.S both have negative thoughts regarding each other because of COVID-19 impacts and day by day the quantity of people who have negative thoughts for each other is increasing from both sides.
On the other hand both countries also lack in trade deals with each other and due to this pandemic US withdrawal its most of the investment from China. The Chinese also are not passionate about visiting the US in academic and tourist tours. The impact on the strategic trust of both the countries is irreversible and maybe it is the starting of New Cold War between these two nations.
As the World Health Organization (WHO) declared the COVID-19 a pandemic all over the world the United Kingdom was also declared the strict lockdown all over the country on 23 March 2020. The people were not allowed to go outside unnecessarily. The people who had necessary to go outside were allowed. This thing created lots of hype and panic among the people because it is difficult for the job persons and other business men to run their work from home.
The COVID-19 impacted UK in several terms negatively like, infrastructure issues, economic downfall, health care declination, etc because the lockdown has directly disturbed the lives of people. The pandemic also affected the overall system of National Health Service (NHS) of United Kingdom including the rise in the rate of mortality because most of the people in London had the long-term diseases issues and they use to go for their treatment personally.
Before this pandemic 85% of the patients in London have long term diseases rather than infection. The government of UK was more concerned about those vulnerable who have these kinds of diseases but these people avoided the physical meetings and appointments with doctors due to the fear of pandemic. Due to this UK’s government started online healthcare consultancy service for the patients but this method was not beneficial for the people because it tends to increase in the waiting lists of the patients. In coming years, the government is focusing to manage and scheduling all these scenarios because of COVID-19.

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