Imran Khan’s fight to end the status quo


What is status quo? In simple words it means the existing state of affairs, especially regarding social or political matters. Why it happens? It’s straight answer is due to vested interests. What is vested interest? It has two dimensions either you are working for someone or your own interest is involved. Status quo does not come up on the surface suddenly but one has to work hard for it. It was going on since 1956. Since status quo helps in making money and then utilising it at an appropriate time, therefore it will always be resisted. When someone wants to make money he must have support, support is again subject to favours that again involves money. Logically it is the money which plays pivotal role in resisting any change irrespective from which quarter it is coming. Now the real battle starts between the lovers of status quo and the forces that want to bring change in the status quo.
In Pakistan there is status quo of corruption, status quo of politicians (dynastic politics), status quo of mafias, status quo of lotas, status quo of misrule, status quo of lack of quick justice, status quo of feudal lords, status quo condition of poor, status quo of debts and taking further loans, status quo in kickbacks, status quo in writing off loans, status quo in intellectual corruption. With such large number of status quo to bring change in all such status quo certainly is most difficult job. On the face of it to bring change even in one status quo is a very big task one can imagine to do away status quo everywhere with all the advantages it has looks pretty gigantic task. It is but natural the way things are, the way issues are handled, the way we are used to do things, the way we flout the country laws if someone decides or picks up the courage to bring change in any of the status quo it will not only be welcomed but resisted with full might, and especially in a country where law of might is right has prevailed for seven decades it is not difficult to comprehend that it requires draconian effort.
Undoubtedly it was Prime Minister IK who decided to change the status quo that is existing for the last 70 years and break the monotony of two major political parties who have been ruling this country in rotation,and it has always remained the game between the two parties. Although it looked difficult but with the help of people who were also fed up with status quo also wanted a break therefore they voted PTI but with not enough majorities to form the government, therefore they had to rely on the support of smaller parties but at a very heavy price. At present the desire is there to change the status quo but when the time comes every one unites against status quo.Unfortunately IK is very sincere in getting rid of status quo but we find many old faces that are posing problem for him, it is because of their vote he is the PM and not ready to take any chance at this stage. When you challenge the status quo that means you are hitting their interests that means making them accountable, emphasising that old system will not work and that is the point when the trouble starts. Before you challenge status quo it is very important that you are yourself clear as to what is your objective, to fulfil the objective first thing is to decide priorities, fix time frame, choose good team, keep yourself calm and composed and face criticism boldly and don’t show any anger.
Any one can challenge status quo, while doing so he fully understands it is a thorny journey, road is unsafe and enemies all around he has to be steadfast. He accepted the challenge and started off to clean the mess created due to status quo that was undone and met resistance from outside as well from inside, but he showed determination and made it clear to every member of his party that he will never tolerate corruption, favouritism. His message was loud and clear but he forgot he had to face great number of mafias who have become very powerful with the passage of time and it was very difficult to dislodge them but he did not bother to take action against most powerful and trusted friends. It is true country is under great influence of mafias. Before I move forward let me define mafia. Mafia is an organised crime syndicate whose primary activities are protection racketeering, arbitrating disputes between criminals, and brokering and enforcing illegal agreements and transactions. The term mafia derives from the Sicilian Mafia. Mafias often engage in secondary activities such as gambling, loan sharking, and drug trafficking, prostitution and fraud. Mafias are everywhere in the world but governments are equally vigilant and pounce on them and are heavily punished. But in Pakistan due to defective laws and weak judicial system they get away by engaging expensive lawyers. There is a long list of Mafias which IK had to deal. Sugar mafia, wheat mafia, power mafia, water mafia, school mafia, traders mafia, teachers mafia, doctors mafia, lawyers mafia, journalists mafia, bureaucracy mafia, travel agents mafia, the list is pretty long. Under such heavy mafias present with tons of money at their disposal it is certainly a big task and requires determination to deal them when they have strongly entrenched themselves in the corridors of power. There is one person IK who says he will not spare any mafia. But we have to give him time. We have to extend cooperation to him. He will make mistakes we have to tolerate for sometime. His only mistake is that he has no good team, his own team members some of them are not with him therefore he needs to move slow. He unnecessarily opened many fronts at one time whereas he should have moved step by step.
When he says people have no choice he is right but people want results, and quick results that may not be possible due to negative forces that are deployed everywhere. People have to be told that the existing system has destroyed all the institutions from top to bottom for over 70 years that cannot be put right in overnight. It will take few years; a beginning has been made, as said earlier journey is thorny so people have to bear this difficult time to change the status quo and elimination of mafias. To overcome critiques, opposition parties, media and social media some immediate steps are needed. Remove all the heads of organisations who were appointed by Nawaz, it is true they have links with your party members but this has to be done in the larger interest of state, keep moving forward don’t look back, no compromise whatsoever. Avoid coming on TV until it is absolutely essential, reduce the frequency and if needed come on quarterly basis. Stop all ministers, senator’s provincial ministers not to participate in talk shows for 6 months. Appoint one focal person only to answer questions on fortnightly basis. Your performance will tell which direction you are moving. No matter how much it hurts your friends now
One last thing, to bring about a change in status quo people not only have to be patient but pay a consistent cost too. It’s not like you slept, dreamt , got up and everything had changed. There will be a struggle required and the entire society will have to join in that struggle only than status quo will change.

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