India a rogue state

India as per many reports that apeared in Pakistani news papers as well in international press has sent more than thrity terrorists inside Pakistan to carry out terrorist activities to destablise Pakistan. This has also been disclosed by the foreign minister of Pakistan shah Mehmood qureshi and the DG ISPR Gen Babar in the joint press conference supported by the facts and figures as how india is planning to sabotage CPEC by raising a force of 700 terrorists who have been assigned to disrupt the construction activities of CPEC and in time date the people working at various projects. According to the well placed information 200 billion rupees have been distributed by the Indian spy agency RAW among the terrorists to meet their expanses while carrying out disruptive activities inside Pakistan. Those who have been recruited include the baluchi terrorists of BLA, TTP, Jumiat Ahrar plus other smaller groups working as informers for the RAW. Many ex ambassadors of India, retired Army officers and civilians have joined hands with the terrorists to destablise Pakistan economically and politically. Unfortunately many hidden hands within Pakistan are also helping the Indian agents to create confusion in Pakistani society. It is said that many sleeper cells in Karachi, Lahore, Peshawar and quetta are just waiting for order of the RAW to commemce their dirty task against Pakistan. Yet another undeniable fact is that NDS of Aghanistan is part and parcel of terrorist activities against Pakistan. Most of the training centers for the terrorists are located within Afghanistan while the Indian Embassy in Kabul is supervising and guiding these terrorists groups for carrying out anti Pakistan activities like bomb blasts and killing important personalities to disrupt the peace within Pakistan. The Indian consulate at Jalabad is very active and its staff have been openly misguiding the common man against Pakistan. Mr Ashraf ghani, the president of Afghanistan is in full knowledge about the anti Pakistan activities of Indian embassy in Kabul but does not want to act just to displease the Indian government. Pakistan has also published a dossier in which the facts pertaining to Indian activities against has been published and given to news men. According to the government officials of Pakistan, incoming months india might attack Pakistan or force the terrorists to increase their activities within Pakistan to disrupt the peace and arrest the economic progress of Pakistan, it’s a very serious rather alarming scenario.
The foreign office of Pakistan has already informed UNO and OIC about the anti Pakistan activities of India who wants to further truncate Pakistan either by attacking Pakistan or through its agents by carrying out disruptive activities within Pakistan. Now it is the duty of UNO and OIC to engage with India to stop terrorists activities against pakstan otherwise Pakistan has the right to retaliate which might unleash war between the two nuclear armed countries. Actually India is a rogue country and its incumbent leader MOdi is fascist bent upon destroying the peace in south Asia. His armed forces have been mistreating the muslims of the occupied Kashmir and killing the youth at will. This is happening before the eyes of the international community who is duty bound to act and stop the atrocities carried out by Indian army against the innocent peaceful muslims of the occupied Kashmir.

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