Indian campaign against Pak army


Neighboring India, which has been engaged in conspiracies against Pakistan for a long time, has once again become active against Pakistan and the Pakistan Army in different parts of Pakistan like the rest of the world. Is spending on anti-government activities and its agents. Indian agents inside and outside Pakistan are trying to give the impression that the Pakistan Army has looted the country and the entire budget is being used by the Pakistan Army even though it is based on lies and misleading. There is propaganda that those who hold such views cannot be benevolent to Pakistan because the army’s job is to protect the borders and the people inside and outside the country to protect their property. Because the army will interfere in politics, this statement is actually spread by India in the enmity of Pak army, efforts are being made to involve Pak army in politics, while Pak army chief has given clear instructions that ISI and army other institutions have nothing to do with politics, so it would be better not to use the army for political purposes. The Pakistan Army is currently on duty day and night to protect the borders for which it is also making human and financial sacrifices. Peace has been restored in the country due to the sacrifices made by the Pakistan Army. Pakistan has emerged as a peaceful country. Otherwise, the enemy countries would have turned Pakistan into a stronghold of the Taliban. Thwarting the conspiracies of the enemy, the Pakistan Army carried out unprecedented operations which broke the backs of the terrorists and dispersed them. Now there are sporadic incidents of terrorism which will be brought under control soon.
The Indian lobby has been active in conspiracies against the Pakistan Army for a long time. India wants anarchy to spread in Pakistan, civil war and bloodshed on a large scale so that India can invade and occupy Pakistan for which it has been impatient for a long time but the fact is that it will never the conspiracy will not succeed because as muslims we believe that no one can destroy the country which Allah Almighty wants to maintain. India sometimes tries to fool the naive Baloch in Balochistan, money is flowing like water to use them against Pakistan, unfortunately our political leadership also speaks Indian language, especially those political leaders who were rejected by the people, or they have become visible to the world and the people because of their own corruption. On the other hand, although the previous government (PTI) has not achieved what was expected, it has also increased public frustration, but the present government has started an unstoppable series of inflation at the behest of the IMF. The people are fed up with this.
The government is saying that cheap goods are available to the public at utility stores, but there is not enough goods available at the utility stores and there is no such thing in the utility stores for such a large population that they can meet all the needs of the public. One kilometer will travel to the utility store and then return empty-handed. Utility stores are made only to the extent of statements. They cannot meet the standards of the public and can not provide everything to the public. Therefore, the name of the utility store should not be fooled by the public. Today’s ruling parties, who were in the PDM, were using the wrong language against the army, especially Maryam Safdar and Nawaz Sharif, before the power. It is also true that the country has been harmed by the politicians while the politicians have not reached the country. At this time, the vision of Quaid-e-Azam is needed not by politicians to save the country. We have to save the country, not the army, but the selfish and failed politicians who have taken the bankruptcy of the country’s economy. Politicians have committed corruption and recruited government agencies on political grounds, which has led to the loss of profitable government institutions and, on the other hand, they are damaged. But now they have gone into situations that no one is willing to buy, as the current government. The personal character of any soldier is connected to the entire army. There are people like us in the army. They also have problems. They can also be mistaken. Politicians are trying to hide behind the army to hide their failures. The statements of the politicians show that they are coming out as anti-army which is not a good omen for the security of any country. This kind of statement has been rejected by the people before and will do so in the future because the people know that the army is the guarantee of national security. Therefore, it is necessary to avoid false propaganda against it. The people of Pakistan love their army. It is also true that till now the politicians have done a lot of damage to the country. However, the success of Pakistan is due to politicians with disabilities in political ignorance. At this time, the country needs the vision of Quaid-e-Azam, not of politicians. In fact, the Pak army has played an important role in the development of Balochistan. Through SeaPak, China and Pakistan are developing Balochistan more than the rest of the provinces. Balochistan was a backward province but rich in natural wealth. The misfortune of Balochistan has been that the leadership there did not set up schools for the development of its people, nor did they use their insights to provide them with health and economic services, which still has backwardness in Balochistan. The solution to the problems of Balochistan is to give importance to the locals there. Politicians should play their role in excluding the people of Balochistan from deprivation. Will Balochistan’s leadership continue to use the Baloch to make its politics shine? Will the Baloch nation continue to be used only for slogans and rallies? Or they will be shown by doing something politicians are trying to put their failures on the military. It is imperative that politicians try to understand the situation in the country. So far, what has the political leadership done for the development of Balochistan and the people of the province? There is a system of governance. So why don’t the people there ask the provincial leadership why they have been getting the development of the province? Why did they not spend the money for the betterment of the people? In fact, the chiefs have been blackmailing the government in the past. The local leadership itself has been exploiting the people of Balochistan for some time. Earlier, there was a military operation in Balochistan under Pervez Musharraf, after which the Balochs developed hatred against the army, which India took advantage of and tried to incite the naive people there against the army and Pakistan. Today the Baloch people love their army. They are not protesting against the army but demanding their rights which they should get.

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