Indian perspective with the Taliban takeover of Afghanistan

There is a growing myth regarding the disintegration of India in a nearby future soon after the collapse of foreign & puppet regime of Ashraf Ghani in Afghanistan after two decades. The miracle in Afghanistan which occurred only in weeks with the takeover of Taliban and collapse & surrendering of puppet foreign government in Afghanistan manifest the fact that decades has occurred in weeks surprising and shocking the entire world. Afghanistan’s President Ashraf Ghani relinquished his power to the Taliban on August 15, 2021 sabotaging India’s 75th Independence day’s celebrations. Entire Indian media was shedding tears under utter chaos.
India is in deep state of Trans including western powers over the rapid evolving situation in Afghanistan. The collapse of Indian state is a likely scenario and may occur sooner than anticipated which has even made Indian media fiercely screamed. India’s unnecessary intervention, meaningful interest and involvement in Afghanistan has today brought it in very awkward position. India provided military hardware like four helicopters, artillery field pieces, small arms, radar, ammunition, drones, huge funds amongst other ordnance to Afghan government against Taliban. It also during 1990s stationed air maintenance crews to service the Afghan army’s Soviet helicopters. The humiliating defeat of mighty armies of NATO and the United States has badly terrified India and it intends to prevent itself from future adventurism in Afghanistan with the rise of actual and local rulers “Taliban” in a war torn country. India since inception has bitterly opposed Taliban and stood firmly by Afghan government till the last moments of fled and surrender by Ashraf Ghani betraying its own people and its natural ally India. India on urgent basis called United Nations Security Council UNSC meeting on 16th August at New York which was chaired by TS Tirumurti, India’s permanent representative to UN. During UNSC presidency, India talked toughed against the Taliban soon after its takeover of power in Afghanistan. External Affairs Minister Jaishankar made a strong attack on China and Pakistan. Jaishankar pointed to the roles of Pakistan and China in providing aid to Taliban while speaking at the UN Security Council (UNSC).
“Afghanistan’s Ambassador to India Farid Mamundzay told in an interview that the Taliban can’t be trusted as the Islamist group continues to maintain ties to many of the 20 (alleged) terrorist organizations operating out of Afghanistan”.
The revival of Taliban power in Afghanistan has badly panicked India and it is confirmed by Qatar authorities that Indian officials were “quietly” travelling to Doha to hold talks with the political leadership of the Taliban.
As the situation in Kabul evolved over the course of time, India remains repatriated back all its citizens back from Afghanistan and closed down its embassy and all consulates in Afghanistan. Indian external affairs Minister S Jaishankar held emergency meeting with UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres and discussed the situation in Afghanistan after Taliban resurgence.
An Indian based Afghan scholar Divya Malhotra said that “The fall of the Afghan government was inevitable post US withdrawal and lives of all those who supported democracy and Afghan Ghani regime are in danger now”.
USA and other powers of the world on the other hand are comfortable with Taliban control of Afghanistan and they will continue to hold negotiations with them as long it serves their national interests.
India indeed played a very negative role to keep Taliban away from power in Afghanistan by its cunning tactics of investment and all. Indians are now scared as with the takeover of Afghanistan, the Taliban is now only 400 km away from the Line of Control in Illegal India’s occupied Jammu and Kashmir region. The proximity of the Taliban to Indian Occupied Jammu and Kashmir puts them in a hegemonic position to shatter the nefarious designs of India to dictate its role as “big brother” in the South Asian region. India always alleged Taliban for having support of Pakistan without any substantial evidences to drag both the Taliban & Pakistan into mire.
Since India holds illegal agenda of expanding its territory thus it’s also having tensed and worst relations with China is willing to develop friendly relations with Afghanistan’s Taliban by recognizing their regime, which may pose a great challenge for India. Now, as a civil war in Afghanistan seems imminent due to the emergence of Taliban reconciliatory approach, India has also realized its blunder to tarnish its relations with Taliban. New Delhi hence been scrambling to send reconciliatory messages to the Taliban-messages that have far gone unanswered. India had funded the anti-Taliban Northern Alliance along with Iran and Russia Indian media harshly criticizing Modi and previous governments for investing more than $2 billion in aid in Afghanistan since 9/11. India avoiding military intervention in Afghanistan to skip complete deadlock with Taliban, but covertly, India still India aim to resist the Taliban from seizing the complete reins of power. India closely monitoring the developments in Afghanistan through reality check to craft the best way forward. India has intensified its efforts to build a coalition of wary neighbors to stall the Taliban. So far Indian analysts are of view that drainage of Indian Investment in Afghanistan has not only panicked government but numbed Indian decision-making as well.
Indian media also holding Indian National Security Adviser (NSA), Ajit Doval responsible for adding humiliation and disgrace to India. Indian National Security Adviser’s analysis, misguided advices and tall claims regarding Afghanistan plunged India into disgrace along with the United States and the West. Ajit Doval had always praised the Afghan National Army’s capabilities and called Pakistan in trouble due to alleged wrong policies and position towards Taliban. India continuously hoodwinked the world by depicting luminous side of Afghan National Army with India’s military and financial support. India not only constantly lied to the world powers but also misguided them to act like pigeons negating the threat of the reemergence of Taliban ever in Afghanistan.
“The Taliban has been known to do all kinds of unpredictable things”.
India has its set of worries and watching the rapid abrupt changes at Afghanistan helplessly with the rise of Taliban again. Indian narrative of always labelling Taliban as extremist group has proved to be flimsy job. Taliban cherish pride, commitment and self-belief thus undermining Taliban with superficial analysis of being “group of few extremists” is totally rubbish. India desperately want to remain relevant in the transformation of Afghanistan.
“India may have to hedge its bets with these regional partners,” said Harsh Pant. “When America leaves Afghanistan, they may be the ones left to deal with the mess.”
Through Taliban control of power have no qualm in admitting that Afghanistan has squandered an opportunity to transform itself.
India has never considered the Taliban as a legitimate political force in the region, there is a possibility of Taliban opening the gateways to China which would cause strategic threat to India. China may well emerge as the dominant player in the post-America-exit Afghanistan. China. As a major investor in Afghanistan, China wants peace to prevail there. Whatever the future unfolds for Afghanistan one thing is for sure that now it’s quite difficult for India to convince the world to unconditionally support its rogue policies and sooner the separatist movement will pick the momentum in India to shatter its dream of global and regional supremacy and i can’t see any power of the world guarantying the integrity of India via foul means anymore.

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