Iranian CG hosts Iftar dinner for journalists

Syed Ali Shabbar Naqvi

KARACHI: The Consulate General of the Islamic Republic of Iran hosted an Iftar dinner in honour of the journalists from different channels and print media. The event was led by Iftar and a speech by Hassan Nourian, the Consul General of the Islamic Republic of Iran in Karachi, Pakistan.
Hassan Nourine, in his address, condoled the death of Bilquees Edhi (Late) and also highlighted the services rendered by Abdul Sattar Edhi (Late). He also mentioned how important it is for the Muslim World to gather and take a step against the evil play of Israel and how important it is to save Palestine from the acts of terrorism of Israel. The Consul General also wrote an article on this serious issue.
Nourine said that the founder and leader of the Islamic revolution of Iran, Hazrat Imam Khomeini (RA) called the last Friday (Juma-tul-Widah) of the holy month of Ramadan as the ‘Quds Day’ in 1980 in support of the oppressed people of Palestine. He invited Muslims all over the globe to proclaim the international solidarity in support of Palestinian Muslims and the liberation of Quds on this great day and to express their disgust with the usurping regime of Israel.
Hassan Nourian highlighted that, we should take a step, even a small one that should be made as soon as possible to fight against the evilness of Israel and save Palestine, He also highlighted the friendly relationship between Pakistan and Iran and wishes it to grow further in future and prosper.
The Iftar dinner was largely attended by the media community and was the great event of a get-together and it played a very important role for the awareness of the issue of Palestine.
After the thoughtful address by the consul general guests were served with Iftari that was enjoyed by the participants and hosted perfectly, later followed by a dinner which had included the traditional dish of Iran referred as ‘Chullu Kabab’.