Is nation prepared for war?

India continues to violate ceasefire violations that have resulted in our some soldiers embarrassing shahadat, while responding to Indian violations Pakistan has been able to inflict more casualties on the enemy but how many soldiers across the borders are killed is difficult to figure out. We always declare civil and military casualties whereas enemy rarely accepts casualties except some leakages by international media. While India is planning another Balakot flag operation our foreign minister. Shah Mahmood Qureshi is busy in his regular rituals at shrines and routine rhetoric on India Pakistan relations. To our good luck while FM Shah Mahmood Qureshi is in US, the 15 member Council discussed the situation on ground and Kashmir has always been on the agenda of UNSC. The Chinese envoy welcomed this meeting as it would help both India and Pakistan to enter in to dialogue to find out the solution. In the backdrop our FM also discussed Iran US relations and Pakistan firmly believes in escalation dialogue
What is happening in IOK is something that should have been the priority of Pakistan but unfortunately there appears to be no seriousness. Since 5th August people are under house arrest with no move from world community. As this was not enough India passed Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA) that isolates Muslims living in India from other s and are required to prove their citizenship. Since the passing of this bill there have been large scale protests in India and each day protests are increasing, and now the Indians have also joined hands with the Muslims and criticizing Modi government on this uncalled for CAA but from our side no such protest has been seen. Many Indian states have come out against Modi government and have urged him to withdraw this brutal act which is discriminatory in nature. Indian scholars, intellectuals have also come out openly against this CAA bill. Our friends who were outspoken in supporting our Kashmir cause on international are annoyed with us on U turn taken by Prime Minister Imran Khan by not attending Malaysia summit held ON 19-21 December 2019 at Kuala lum Pur.
While all this was happening Iran and US almost reached at stage where war appeared to be imminent. After the assassination of General Qasem Suleimani Iran retaliated and attacked two of US bases in Iraq claiming 80 dead denied by US saying all are well. The world was in tight grip and waiting what US is planning either to go to war or enter into diplomacy. The wise course was adopted. But in this game Pakistan further plunged in to more difficulties. By design this region is being kept hot. Regular threats from Indian army chief cannot be ignored, never consider your enemy weak, India is very cunning enemy as such we must prepare ourselves. Forces are always at alert and ready to go to battle field at very short notice, we otherwise have great advantage of being close to borders and it takes few hours to reach our defence lines as compared to India that takes days. Question arises are we prepared for war. Let us examine recent threat by Indian army chief that “If his army receives orders from the Indian parliament to reclaim Azad Kashmir from Pakistan. It will take military action. This statement should be taken seriously because in any adventure India shall come out that they have been informing Pakistan about their intentions. It is true that India is in deep trouble on account of IOK situation and Citizens Amendment Act (CAA), so far the agitation is gaining momentum but that does not mean we should relax as happened after 1965. Could anybody imagine an army that defeated 5 times larger army in 1965 that army would surrender just after 5 years?
Keeping in view the threat from India the war will not be restricted to Kashmir as happened in 1965; it will be complete war between the two countries. There are plenty indications apart from threat by Indian Army chief, removal of fences from Lo C is sufficient indication of some foul play by Indians so why wait for them we should be ready to meet any eventuality. We have fought many wars in our own areas but let this time the war is fought in the enemy territory. Another aspect of modern warfare is that it is not confined to armed forces only but the nation is also at war therefore we must prepare our nation accordingly. All TV channels be directed to devote at least one hour to prepare nation under the slogan”JANG KI TAYARI-QAOM BHI TAYAR HAI” which should cover all aspects of conventional and nuclear war which should be accompanied by short clips of all the war fought by Pakistan .Educate people on Anti Air Raid precautions, how to function in blackout, first aid, evacuation of casualties to hospitals, road discipline so that no hindrance to movement and supplies in war hit areas and round the clock vigilance by people. The armed forces are proud of their nation who has always stood y shoulder to shoulder when facing enemy and let a strong message go to India that we are ready.

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