Tricot of US, Iran and Pakistan

Lamentably, the world is at the verge of another deadly conflict and plunging the region in the darkness of obscurity. Simmering tensions between the two arch-foes, Iran and the USA have threatened the peace of world in general and region in particular. It is an irony that the death of General Qassem Soleimani has added fuel into already crippling relationship. If we turn the pages of history it can easily be palpable that before 1979 revolution Iran and the USA had maintained the cordial relation.
Unfortunately, 1979 Iranian revolution had brought a dramatic turn in the arena of international politics. Iran remodeled into a theocratic Shia regime. In 1984 Iran was designated as state sponsor terrorism by the USA. On the contrary their interests coincided with each other in Afghanistan to fight against Taliban. They fought shoulder to shoulder with each other, but, bubble of optimism prevails short-lived.
United State of America had always perceived Iran’s nuclear program as a threat of the world. Kingdom of Saudi Arabia played a vanguard role in this attitude of the USA towards Iran nuclear nukes.
In July 2015 it was a water shading moment when the USA entered into the historic deal with Iran to give chance to the peace, famously known as the acronym of P5+1. As a result, sanctions were lifted from the Iran and she immediately got access to the 100 billion dollars in the frozen assets as well as to pursue its status as a legitimate state.
As soon as Donald Trump entered an oval office, he started subduing Iran. In 2018, Trump unilaterally withdrew from the Iran’s nuclear deal by giving the argument that deal has not mentioned Iran’s role in the Middle East as well as well as its missile capability.
There is no denying the impression that Iran enjoys considerable influence in the Middle East. Be it to protect the Assad’s regime in the Syria, give support to Houthis rebel in Yemen as well as HAMAS in Lebanon.
General Qassem Soleimani was a prominent figure in Iran and pursuing Iran’s national interest in the Middle East. His death has voided the gulf between the two countries and compelled the world into another deadly conflict. In response Iran retaliated by hitting US bases in the Iraq in which according to the Donald Trump everything is all right and all is well. Javad Zarif has tweeted that we retaliated according to article 51 of the UN.
In this precarious situation Pakistan’s role has increased multifold owing to its geographical proximity with the Iran as its immediate neighbor as well as share similar religious and linguistic beliefs. It is evident beyond the shred of doubt that on the one side Pakistan enjoys cordial relationship with the KSA. It is a well-established fact that KSA has always helped Pakistan in times of economic quandaries as well as home to large number of Pakistani Diasporas. On the other hand, USA is the sole superpower of the world and enjoys considerable influence on the world politics and international institutions as well. In the meantime Pakistan is striving to keep itself out of the FATF grey list. So going against the USA cannot secure Pakistan’s interest in the best possible fellow.
Pakistan has made it clear that it will not allow anyone to use its territory against any state. It is a well coming sign, Pakistan adopted the policy of neutrality and reiterated the world to play its part as a peacekeeper. It can easily be palpable, recent visit of Shah Mehmood Qureshi to Tehran and Riyadh to restore the peace in the region is appreciated by the world.
No doubt threat of war still looms on the region but it is the need of the hour and for the sake of humanity both the states should adopt the policy of de-escalation. Additionally, resolve their differences through table talks. Pakistan has to step up into take the lid and disentangle both the arch-foes from the web of war hysteria as Pakistan did in the past.

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