Joe Biden’s China policy

Since the outbreak of corona virus the China perhaps is the only country in the world that has come forward to have effective control over it in shortest possible time with remarkable results. It is true that China having come to know about this virus spared no time and moved fast in taking preventive measures and immediately implemented lockdown and population was put under quarantine and provided people with best medical attention and made strict laws to punish defaulters ,at the same time helped the international community to share intelligence about this pandemic and provided bilateral and multilateral assistance to other countries considering it the best way to serve the humanity.
It is true that this virus known as COVID-19 broke out in December 2019 first time in Wuhan city of China was also surprise for China but the moment it was known the Chinese government moved with utmost speed to ensure safety of people throughout China and all movement by air was stopped. It was not only China but the entire world got benefitted and response of the international community was praiseworthy as they also reciprocated and provided all type of material and moral support and in the forefront were Iran, Pakistan, Russia, Japan and European countries. China immediately started their assistance to all those countries affected by virus in the shape of medicines and equipment and sent their Para medical staff where needed.
The role played by China globally in controlling this pandemic is being appreciated everywhere. The golden phrase used by Chinese President Xi Jinping that viruses don’t respect borders and pandemic don’t respect races meant that all community have to work together with common objective to fight out virus irrespective of political differences. The Chinese President Xi Jinping interacted with more than 50 foreign leaders and had detailed discussion how to combat Covid-19.In March 20 he attended G-20 special summit on the Pandemic and pointed out to international community to jointly carry out preventive measures. Apart from this President Xi Jinping declared a package of humanitarian assistance and development to the least developed countries. China also kept working on the vaccine and was able to produce it and supply to affected countries. Pakistan is amongst the first country to have received 500000 doses of vaccine as initial help that have already been distributed in all the provinces of Pakistan and people are being vaccinated.
It was very unfortunate that former US President Donald Trump continued its criticism against WHO for downplaying pandemic spread in Wuhan. In fact by criticising he was preparing grounds to stop funding by US to WHO and finally he did that and blamed China without any justification and termed it as China virus. Actually Trump was unhappy on WHO praising China for its transparency and action taken to save precious lives of people while doing this president Trump forgot that he had already praised Chinese president Xi Jinping for exactly that
Joe Biden calls China the most serious competitor to the US, in first foreign policy speech and vowed to confront Beijing on various fronts, including human rights, intellectual property and economic policy. But at the same time Biden said that US also stood ready to work with Beijing when it’s in America’s interest to do so. Joe Biden is not going to immediately reverse the decisions taken by Trump but has no choice except to establish constructive relations between US and China favourable to both the countries and global community. Beijing is growing power in all respects that factor must always be kept in mind for better understanding. Trump has badly damaged the foundations of US democracy and is now facing impeachment and due to majority vote has been acquitted but damage done to democracy shall remain alive in the minds of people of US. He deepened racial divides preferred white nationalism. Biden will have to work hard to bring the country back on rails and has to convince American’s that all living in US is not enemies. Biden cannot turn his eyes on China’s growing economic, technological and military power therefore a careful engagement is the solution. Joe Biden has made courtesy call to Xi Jinping in a cordial atmosphere. India may be important for US in the global scenario but China eventually showing positive signs of being super power.
The latest development of both India and China agreeing to pull back their forces from the disputed region of Galwan valley is also very heartening. This will lessen the thaw in the existing relationship between the two countries but the existing animosity between the two is likely to continue. As long as India remains United States strategic and defence partner the interest of the two countries are not likely to converge. Let us hope that year 2021 proves to be better year with better peace and harmony without any conflicts between the two countries.

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