Karachi crumbles

Karachi has been one of the best clean city of Pakistan. Since it was the first capital of Pakistan it received special attention. People were dedicated to the national cause and no one belonged to any part they all belonged to one party called Pakistan. There was no concept of sectarianism, cast or creed.
These were the days when people were migrating from India leaving behind everything entering in to their newly born country. Where ever these people went they were received with open arms fed and looked after well and they occupied empty properties locked or open like shops and houses of Hindus who migrated to India. I am a witness how native Sindhis welcomed empty handed mahajreens and looked after them including me so well that it is difficult to express their love in words.
Gradually seeds of hatred were spread amongst various factions of society and people started adopting own individuality by calling themselves everything except Pakistani, and this word of Pakistan was restricted to Passport only.
Karachi being hub of economic activity saw many ups and downs including worst law and order situation that resulted in killing of thousands of innocent people by extremists and armed wings of different political parties. Sind Police lost its control and the situation turned so bad that Rangers were called in to control the crimes and restore law and order. It was year 1992 when Rangers were first time called in Sind in aid of police to control the deteriorating law and order situation and somehow or the other it remains deployed even after 27 years. Now after every three months Sind government extends its stay and this procedure continues. After the 18 amendment in the constitution the provincial governments have been given complete autonomy and are now out of federal control
It is factually correct that there has been massive corruption everywhere in the country but Sind suffered most be it Karachi the mega city of Pakistan or interior of Sind. It gives horrible picture throughout Sind with broken roads, massive encroachments, poor sewerage system, traffic jams in efficiency of traffic police as a result people are the only sufferers.
It is a strange country where provinces are in direct conflict with the Centre. The Sind government is in conflict with KMC Mayor who belongs to MQM. Mayor always complain of shortage of funds and the powers whereas Sind government denies both the charges. Karachi as a whole has been turned in to heaps of ruin with no end in sight. Blame game is going on. The Sind government accuses Mayor and vice versa. Sind government also blames Centre of interference. The fact is that Sind government is in open confrontation with Centre so much so when Prime Minister visits Karachi Chief Minister even does not go to Airport to receive him, what a sorry state of affairs.
Due to very heavy rains in Karachi in recent past muck lying everywhere no effort on the part of civic agencies people made lot of hue and cry. On the protest of people of Karachi as a last resort Centre took notice and directed Minister for Port and Shipping to clean Karachi. Sind government considers it as an interference in provincial matters which is correct but if they fail to perform their duty the gap has to be filled to provide relief to the people. It is a matter of great satisfaction that top builder of Pakistan Malik Riaz has also volunteered to join in to help Centre and Sind province in their cleanup operation. I still remember last year Malik Riaz asked Sind government to give him money allotted for the development of Karachi and he would clean Karachi and in case of short fall of money he will be pleased to spend from his own pocket but this offer was turned down, what was wisdom behind this not understandable. It is certain if this arrangement was in place by now Karachi would have been giving decent look. Now the city is free for all, throw garbage anywhere no one is pushed as there is no fear of law.
I want to draw attention of Chief Minister Syed Murad Ali Shah, Commissinoer and Deputy Commissioners towards encroachments throughout Karachi that need to be sorted out. As the evening falls the shop owners, restaurant owners lay their tables and chairs right on the main roads thus obstructing normal flow of traffic. They have already occupied the pavements which are meant for foot walkers. There is total collapse of administration. Go to any street you find garages with damaged vehicles parked in the streets causing great inconvenience to local residents. Mr Murad Ali Shah sahib this is your responsibility to see that no one occupies government space beyond the boundary wall of his premises. How can you keep the city clean when there is no check on people? It is laborious exercise start from one end and go to the other end. This is the only way you can keep your city clean. Under which law cattle markets were established on main roads? Under which law animals were slaughtered right on the main road and outside the houses causing problem to other residentd? Sir we have already collapsed if you fail to control this menace a day shall dawn when all roads will be littered with encroachers. You have to be ruthless while dealing with such people, for God sake create fear of law and accountability. When you can demolish multi story buildings, illegal plazas, illegal marriage halls what prevents you crack down on smaller fishes.
Mustafa Kamal Chairman PSP lashed out on Mayor Karachi on his inefficiency to keep the city clean demanded his name to be put on ECL so that he does not flee with the looted money and criticized his rhetoric of lack of funds and authority. The Mayor retaliated and criticized Mustafa Kamal in sending money to Qaid MQM in London as divorce money which he denied. These allegations and counter allegations in no way is solution to keep Karachi clean. In fact people at large have also to extend full cooperation to achieve desired results. Sind government is also advised to lower down its confrontation with Centre and resolve all issues amicably.
Time is running short, if government fails to establish its writ that simply means you are heading towards anarchy which we can ill afford. We must unite and everyone should take ownership of Karachi, if it done it can be converted in to Paris.

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