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Karachi Water & Sewerage Corporation now on right path

Karachi Joint Water Board was constituted in 1953 with the purpose to expand the Karachi water supply system from the Indus River. It was transferred to KDA after its formation. Karachi is international city and is considered economic hub of Pakistan, it is estimated 70% of revenue of Pakistan is generated from this city. Due to job opportunities people throng Karachi from all over Pakistan and with passage of time get settled here thus putting pressure on utilities. There is no doubt that KDA has done extremely well to develop Karachi and it has developed in many directions but no one bothered to plan and create basic necessities of life like water gas power and sewerage system that could meet growing needs commensurate with ever increasing population which at present is over 30 million though disputed. Infrastructure developed did not meet the requirements of people the major cause has been lack of census to determine exact number of people to determine proper requirement of utilities.
The most important utility is availability of drinking water and sewerage system that has remained top problems of people of Karachi. Karachi’s water supply is dependent on Lake Haleji, Lake Keenjhar and Hub Dam while the ground water source includes Dumlottee. An artificial shortage was created to give benefit to tanker mafia who would sell water at a much higher price. Hundreds of illegal hydrants were made by breaching KDA water lines running throughout the city. No house to house connections were provided people were left at the mercy of water tanker mafias who operated without any fear as they had full backing of legislators and minister in charge. To provide relief to people many a time Rangers carried out operation against water tanker mafias and were able to trace large number of hydrants that were closed. But this has always remained a temporary affair because after sometime stealing of water and operation of illegal hydrants reappeared with the connivance of public office holders and area police.. No theft of water gas and power can take place without the connivance of concerned staff. However, credit goes to COAS Gen Asim Munir who has supported strict action against these mafias and directed law enforcement agencies to fully cooperate in eliminating these mafias, the results have started appearing as large number of people have been arrested.
Total demand of water for Karachi ranges between 800 to1200 MGD whereas supply is around 665 .Due to growing complaints of people of Karachi former Chief Minister was looking for a person who could manage this ever deteriorating condition of KWSB. Sind government in September 2022 appointed Syed Salahuddin Ahmed as MD/ CEO of Karachi Water & Sewerage Board who by profession is civil engineer and has over 20 years of rich experience in carrying out administrative reforms. As a former deputy commissioner south Karachi, he coined the concept of community led sewerage waste by introducing Blue Jacket Campaign in the district. He was transferred and appointed as Director Karachi Water Sewerage Services Infrastructure Improvised Project in addition he was given additional charge of MD water Board. In September 2023 the KWSB has been converted in to Karachi Water Sewerage Corporation and he is made MD/CEO of the Corporation with full authority to sort out the mess created in KWSC over the years due to political appointees as it was turned in to money making machine by depriving KWSC of its legitimate revenue. He has launched very aggressive operation against water tanker mafias and have demolished about 60 illegal hydrants and operation is continuing with the support of Rangers and police. To improve recoveries a dedicated officer has been entrusted task to improve financial position of the corporation. In a latest report corporation has recovered more than Rs1billion 57 crore and 24 lacs in the month of September and this is highest recovery since creation of KWSB now KWSC. This huge recovery and closure of illegal hydrants shall further rovide relief to people of Karachi. We would like to give few suggestions to further improve the water distribution and sewerage system and bring an end to all type of corruption that has been hall mark of KWSC
a. Bulk Water Supply Metering System be introduced throughout Karachi
b. Only KWSC to operate Hydrants
c. All hydrants to have CCTV coverage
d. Anyone who breeches water pipe line should be given exemplary punishment
e. Data on supply and its consumption correlating with billing be ensured to detect water theft
f. Prepare huge storage tanks in all the districts of Karachi to meet any emergency situation due to bursting of major pipe line
g. Domestic users pay fix charges of water and billed according to size of the plot and house
h. Replacing old main pipe lines with new pipe lines
i. Immediate completion of K4 Project
j. To ensure no leakage or theft is taking meter reading be compared on weekly basis showing water supplied and water utilized and its subsequent billing
k. It is colossal work make start from one end and gradually cover the entire city.
l. Industrial use of water needs proper regulation; everyone must get water according to its requirement only through KWSC hydrants
m. For cleanliness and upkeep of sewerage system union councils be invited and involved as they have direct contact with the people.
However, it may be further emphasized that along with water sewerage system and old units is another big issue that has remained unattended for years. Unfortunately, our planning is defective ab initio. We try to plan to overcome and meet existing requirements with little cushion on future requirement. Our planning should at least be for 25 years to cater for future needs of the city. Our existing sewerage system is in pathetic condition gutters overflowing spoiling roads and causing great inconvenience to people, specially school children and old people. Streets are flooded with dirty water due to poorly maintained sewerage system it’s all units are not fully operational thus dirty water entering the sea turning the water in black, affecting climate badly resulting in unhygienic conditions detrimental to the health of people
It is hoped that new management shall come up to the expectations of the people living in Karachi and shall bring proper order and discipline in the corporation. The entire staff should be issued proper uniform with necessary tools fitted in special cleaning vehicles as we find in most of the western countries. KWSC to ensure better living with clean atmosphere with no shortage of water and improved sewerage units. Lastly it is also recommended that KWSC should build small dams to store rain water.

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