KEC President, Gen Secretary speak on Press Freedom Day

Special Report

KARACHI: President Karachi Editors Club Mubashir Mir and General Secretary Manzar Naqvi have said that the struggle and sacrifices of journalists for freedom of press are commendable. The concept of strong democracy is impossible without free media. The role of media and journalists in reforming the society and giving collective awareness to the people is undeniable.
In their message on World Press Freedom Day, Mubasher Mir and Manzar Naqvi said that today is our day.
Reminds of journalists who have sacrificed their lives for the freedom of the press.
Praising the role of journalists and their responsible attitude in the current situation of corona, they said that in this difficult situation, journalists are fulfilling their responsibilities on the front line without risking their lives to deliver timely news to the people.
Expressing good wishes for the speedy recovery of all the journalists affected by corona, they demanded the government to take special measures for the corona vaccination of journalists.
They said that the Journalists Protection Bill has been delayed for a long time. He said that the government should present this bill in the parliament as soon as possible. He said that just as the safety of journalists and freedom of media is important, so is the social security of journalists. Since 2017, print and electronic media have been victims of economic crisis, media dues are not being paid. A large number of media workers have lost their jobs.
They said the third phase of corona has now started but it is unfortunate that no package has been announced by the government for the media industry so far. The government should announce an immediate relief package for the media industry.
They said that the purpose of celebrating the International Day of Journalism today and the real requirement is that the journalistic community should have the freedom to perform their journalistic responsibilities and their legitimate rights should be protected. Today, the role of print media and electronic media is unforgettable and its importance can never be forgotten or underestimated. They said the role of journalists in difficult situations is commendable for bringing the truth to the public without risking their lives.
Mubasher Mir and Manzar Naqvi said that May 3 is also the founding day of Karachi Editors Club. During the last four years, KEC has emerged as one of the most important think tanks in the country. Political personalities and foreign diplomats, including President Arif Alvi, have also acknowledged the services of the Karachi Editors Club.
They said that we take this opportunity to thank President Arif Alvi for agreeing to the proposal of the Karachi Editors Club. That senior media persons be placed in visiting faculties in universities. It is hoped that this proposal will be implemented.

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