A leader of substance – Jacinda

Jacinda Kate Laurell Arden is a New Zealand politician serving as the 40 th Prime Minister of New Zealand since 26 October 2017. She has also served as the Leader of the Labour party. By her acts of humanity has become world hero in 2019 and proved to the world how a leader of the country behaves. She comes from humble background .

She is graduate of University of Wairato .She is born leader. She entered in politics at the age of 17 years when She joined Labour Party .She has unique distinction of working with Tony Blair British Prime Minister for two and half years as Associate Director. She came in prominence when she condemned in strongest term a white as terrorist who carried out shooting in two mosques of Christ Church killing 50 Muslims while they were offering Juma prayers, she had the courage to give shut up call to President of super power. It is anticipated she may soon convert to Islam .

Jacinda Arden you have created a history and it will be written in golden words and it will be beacon light for the coming generations. You have earned place in Jannah by doing such a noble act. You acted as Messiah when the west remained quiet. You are a great humanitarian. You are voice of oppressed. You know what pain is, you know the injury is deep, there is no hospital on the earth that can bring relief to this injury but you boldly healed the wounds. You are proud daughter of New Zealand. You are humble took care of wounded; you consoled each and every affected family.

You treated them as family members, you love children irrespective of creed and culture, you love human beings, you love friends, and you help poor. Your actions after the great tragedy have given more strength to the bereaved families. Your outright rejection of terrorists and having decided not to take his name is manifestation of the belief that all people are alike and must be treated equally irrespective they belong to any religion.

If any nation wants to learn how to treat a minority just refer to New Zealand and its Prime Minister Jacinda Arden. She is symbol of humanity. She is above Florence Nightangle. She has displayed courage and strong conviction.

Her reaction was spontaneous to condemn terrorist. Attack by an Australian born terrorist on unarmed Muslims from different countries while offering their Friday prayers in two different mosques in Christ Church resulted in death of 49 Muslims shocked 4 million people of New Zealand. The entire country went into deep mourning as New Zealand had never witnessed any such act in the past. Immediately after the attack she called dirty person terrorist even being white, whereas the western media called it shooter.

The Prime Minister Jacinda Arden came in to action and consoled the families and assured them full support and justice. People came out in large numbers all over the country and placed flowers outside the mosques to show respect and solidarity with the minorities.

The Prime Minister said we are all one what a tribute to minorities. She assured all help to the bereaved families. Within few days raised $9 Million for the affected families, donations are still pouring in. They announced that funeral cost will be borne by the state, what a consoling gesture. The government of New Zealand changed some of the laws by banning guns throughout the country immediately after the incident. We are still struggling to implement 20 point action plan on terrorism since 2014.

That is the difference of leadership. Any person caught spreading hate news, or the attack video to be jailed up to 14 years. To assure them better sense of security and care people, police of the country is patrolling outside the mosques. All the women including Prime Minister have started wearing scarf to cover their head as a mark of respect to Muslims and tell them they don’t hate it but love it. The entire west is in deep shock as they could never expect such a bold action from white woman.

This incident has come as a big shock indeed but has also been blessing in disguise to show the world the real face of Islam, that stands on peace justice and love to humanity. Long live Jacinda-Long live New Zealand.

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