Living in America and dying in Makkah

We live in a country where everything is not going well, which is nothing short of a mockery of an Islamic country, an Islamic and reformist society, and religion. We sell the milk. We make the shoe, add the powder, make the cut and give it to the customer. We make lychees with unhealthy chemicals. We sell outdated items in retail stores, especially in rural areas, as many tourists live without education.
We do business; we make money without fraud and exist. We steal the rights of the oppressed and the weak. And then we do charity. We take thousands of rupees every month just for smoking and drinking, but we don’t care about the Imam of the mosque. We can offer twenty rak’ahs of Nawafil after the obligatory prayers in the mosque, but we cannot give a single penny to the neighbor at a time near the house.
We raise money for Hajj and Umrah but the business of preventing evil deeds. Do not forsake and do not blame Allah for your sins sincerely. We want our honor and respect. We do not respect our parents and elders. We reject every evil deed in society but do not try to do the right thing ourselves.
May Allah shower mercy on us and on our country? There is a lack of goodness. There are countless followers of religion in this country but they are not the guardians of religion. Where millions of people travel for invitation? From there, millions of people flock to Baitullah for Umrah and Hajj. Millions of people are taking part in protests in every city on the occasion of Milad-un-Nabi. In a country where millions of people mourn on Ashura. In which country do large gatherings take place for Eid and Friday? In a country where the number of reciters of Tasbeeh are in millions and the number of Durood and Salam is in billions, is that country honestly ranked 160th in the world and Japan honestly became the first country of infidels?
Is it enough to betray yourself or your God? In addition, in this country, a great personality like a mother is killed by children. In this country, a great shadow like a father is killed by his son. Blessings like brothers and sisters. He can be killed for tarnishing God’s image, but he is not ready to tell the truth. In this country, the abuse of innocent boys and girls is like a habit and then they are killed; now what is the cry of this country is the sound of doomsday. Only the name of the state of Madinah remained. The rest of the situation is worse than Lebanon, Egypt, Iraq and Afghanistan.
What are the reasons that are leading our country towards less development and insecurity? No. When there is a system for Muslims other than the Islamic system, there is no delay in creating such a situation. Here, apart from the law, just as everyone creates their own private system, this system is also private in addition to the system. Law of the land has been created. Because in private business and system, the private system is perfect like a private doctor, his practice is excellent. Private hospitals are a blessing; private laboratories are of high quality. Private Banks are excellent. The airlines are excellent. Private airlines are of high quality. Private transport has high facilities. The services of private construction companies are excellent. The private residential colony is a state of the art.
What about private mobile companies have reached 4G? Private TV channels are reliable and broadcasts are the most popular. But!!! There are only private mafia flavors. So of course such people want to live in America and die in Makkah.

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