KARACHI: A K-Electric statement issued here Tuesday says that the power utility is facing an on-going issue with gas pressure from the Sui southern Gas Company (SSGC). While the quantity of the required gas remains available, decreased pressure leads to reduced production of electricity. This gas pressure shortfall has created a supply gap of 400 MW, at a time when demand is high, says a Press release.
Pressure of the gas supplied to KE’s power generation plants is low due to which various gas-fired plants at Korangi and SITE are not able to operate at their optimum capacity despite remaining fully available. Generation will be increased as soon as gas supply at the desired pressure is available. KE’s furnace-oil fired power plants are fully functional at this time.
The power utility has also requested to purchase re-liquefied natural gas (RLNG) if made available at required gas pressure to meet short term requirements and is awaiting confirmation on the same.
KE has expressed concerns that the curtailment of gas pressure may lead to increase in load shedding hours across all consumer segments including industrial zones. The power utility requests that SSGC put in all the required efforts to resolve the situation as swiftly as possible.