Magician’s Azadi Cup 2022

Magician’s Azadi Cup 2022

Farzana Mansoor

DUBAI (UAE): Magician Omar’s Azaadi Cup season 3 was one the best cricket event in the history of Tapeball cricket in UAE. Magician Omar’s mission is to promote Tapeball cricket in UAE and across the globe, says a Press release.

This event was part of the Pakistan’s 75th independence celebration and was named as Magicians Azaadi Cup.
Main focus of the event was to promote sports and healthy activities in UAE.

Magician Omar said that a successful day of activities that strengthen the bonds between your team can have a long-lasting positive impact on workplace productivity, as a group of colleagues on good terms with each other is significantly more productive than one full of in-fighting and arguing.

Giving your employees a break from the office by getting them outside playing sports can also have a big short-term impact on their job satisfaction levels, which will naturally spill over in to their productivity, he added.

This was a community event for all nationalities in UAE and everyone participated.
Event was supported by Super Fix Group, FMTK Group, Superb Glow Interiors, Business Idea Corporate Services, Iconic Gifts and Uniforms LLC, B4b Consultancy, High Trading LLC, Fakhre Pakistan Super Market, Latif Bakery, Apex Auditing, and Karahi Inn Restaurant.

Big thanks to the Magician management Muhammad Ashiq, Ghayas Malik, Raheel Lodhi, Usman Shahzad, Sajid Satti, Rizwan Aslam, Bilal Ahmed, Raja Mubashar, Ahmad Hashir, Ayaan, Muhammad Zahaib, Sagar, Muhammad Faisal and Fahad Shafique.
Omar said, “We are honored to host Fahad Asad and Roman Khan team along with Chacha Pakistani and Chacha T20.”
Magician Omar said we are looking forwards for same kind of support from community. slot slot pulsa slot slot online